If I wrote it yesterday, does it still count as a New Years Post?


I’ve put this off as long as possible, but in order to start of 2015 right, I kinda have to stop procrastinating. The good news is, I reviewed my resolutions from last year, and while I did not achieve a giraffe, blogging twice a week, or not wanting to punch Brad…I still did better than the majority.

I really wanted to do a “best of 2014” moments, but I don’t want to put that much mental power into this, so I am just going to round out the year, throw in some inspirational thoughts for this upcoming year, and maybe some random bits of sarcasm and wit, just to make this less boring. (please note, I said MAYBE, so don’t hold me to it if it doesn’t just come)

So I asked Brad what his resolutions were for this year. Apparently he doesn’t need to fix, change, or better himself in any way, so he has none. Me? Well mine are on the FB page, but I’ll copy them here for your amusement.

1- To eat cookies for breakfast and not feel guilty. (check)

2- To not buy a treadmill (even a used on off Craigslist-check)

3- To nap when I feel like it (I’ll try that one this afternoon)

4- To post on here when I remember or think about it (check)

5- To not stay up until 3 am to finish a project or letter.

6- To have more fun than last year

Yep. I’m an overachiever this year. Take that! Anyway… moving on.

2014 was long, like really long. Like driving through Los Angeles the day before Thanksgiving, with your radio broke, a colicky 3 month old screaming, having to pee, being incredibly hungry, but you are already late so you can’t stop, and your in laws keep calling every 5 minutes to see how much more you will be- long . The truck was completed and began operating mid-year. Along with that have been some highs, some lows, and some “OH MY GOSH. REALLY?….really?” moments. Financially, the truck has done well and has started its building phase with a bang. We have had some hiccups with parts, (radiator I’m looking at you, interior….ugh), but overall it has worked flawlessly. The track has been built and revised three times, improving the ride significantly each time. And we are just starting to build recognition with the truck. It got accepted as the Guinness Records “World’s Longest Monster Truck”. And….well we haven’t had any injuries, issues, or complaints. So wooooooohoooooo!

Looking to 2015 we have some “team” “resolutions”, by team, I mean me, and by resolutions, I mean crap I need to get done. But in the spirit of holiday tradition, resolution seems so much more festive, and less like a chore list. The truck is awesome. No doubt about that, but this year, we are going to do what it takes to catapult this beast into fame. I’m thinking like a star on the Walk of Fame. Yeah…totally doable. It’s going to be the works. Promotional charity events! Toys, books, merch, and maybe, just maybe sell it. Not that I am hoping for that even in the remotest sense, ok, maybe I pray for it EVERY SINGLE NIGHT before bed. Really, this truck is amazing, and I am happy and fortunate to be a part of it, but honestly, let’s face it, a girl can only live in a desolate sandbox for so long before insanity kicks in, doesn’t matter how freaking awesome the monster truck is. So to avoid getting you all teary eyed with my sentimental thoughts….

Thank you everyone who participated in this truck- knowledge, time, patronage, pictures, video, compliments, enjoyment, business, promotional, everyone.

Mikey- for driving, working, and keeping Brad out of my hair sometimes

Mark- for being a friend, a hand, and an escape from White Hills for Buffalo Wild Wings

Tom- for being an ear, a contributor, a great dad, and support

Karen- for being supportive and inspirational to Brad

Jenel- for being an outlet, a problem solver, a fabulous sister, support, and someone to count on

Gemma- for being a great niece, e-mailer, and our “Germa”

Shawnee- also a great niece, keeping Brad happy, and always being entertaining

Mariusz- for your professional advice, friendship, and awesome video/pictures

Russ- to helping build the truck as part of the tour

Tiffany- for being a great friend to Brad and keeping it together out here

Naomi –the best little monster truck ride seller EVER

Thank you to my husband Brad, for continuing to be an awesome and amazing person, and to keep impressing me every day one way or another. Let’s make 2015 ours and kick butt. I love you.


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