Little stormy

So sorry I haven’t posted anything but the storms took out my satellite. But low and behold I am up and running, so lets catch up. A lot of the time has been on the front end. With a break to finish off the battery boxes. There will be a total of twelve batteries 2 banks of six. They are going to run the A/C , rear entry stairs, and steering. They found a new powder coater. So soon we will have new shiny rims for the truck and when ready. We have someone to do the frame which will have to be trucked out on a flat bed. Mike is working on making the pieces for the floor board. He makes templates out of card board then cuts the pieces out of steel, and walla the drivers area has a new floor. Its been a little discouraging having to fight with people to get things on time. As usual it turns out easier to go fetch the it is to wait till whenever. Here’s the latest collection of pics. See ya next time….ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


Progress on the machine

Even though there was some set backs last week.This week Brad and Mike got quite a bit done. To start off with all the seat mount are finished that’s a lot of welding for sure! When I left the guys they were working on the front end stabilizers . The rear only has one set of stabilizers and that part is done. But the front end has front and back stabilizers. There was a tad bit of drama when they ran into clearance issues. Brad is  working on the problem. The parts he made kinda warped in the welding process. Of course with Brads perfection rule. The warping must stop and everything has to be straight and pretty. More boxes of goodies showed up, like the A/C units and gauges and lots of grinding wheels. We had the drive line guy come out and see what we are up to and have him set to produce our drive lines. The cameras and lighting wires have been ran to their prospective homes. The pretty yellow boat is getting a little worried, because there is talk of using its motor for the truck. Maybe it will get a pardon. But I still worry for the pretty yellow boat. The power inverters came in with the A/C units its going to be a cool ride out in this horrible heat. The inverters convert D/C to A/C electric so no one can complain it’s to hot to go for a ride. Gotta be nice and comfy to get a thrill right? Now its picture time. Untill next time.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Times a ticking

The rear shock mounts have been made and the heavy duty bump stops  are now manufactured and installed  and all lined up along with the rear section of roll bar. Time is ticking by and with each minute that passes more and more of the little mounts are getting done. Like the power steering ressivior is in, and now its off to the front. Gotta make the mounts, and then, get them all lined up for the front shocks. I do hope the new powder guy, is better then the last one. No one really enjoyed the performance of the last guy and I do mean no one!!!! Sure will be cool to see it with the rims and tires on. But all in all its a massive beast that you just want to hop in and run something over!!!!! and as usual here’s the picsImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImagesorry I had a pic misshap those two got boo-booed. Have a good day untill next time Do it all Dave is outta here.

Total waste

After a long time waiting. The stuff came back from the powder coater. It was a real yucky job. Had to find another company to fix the mess up, so no shiny rims for the tires and one really pissed off Brad. People should back up what they say and do. It’s like people have forgotten how to back their work, and the true meaning of the handshake. While Brad had the joyous time trying to get quality work. Mike kept on truckin. The rear shocks are in and the front is well on its way. The transfer case has a new and happy home. Ever thing lines up so pretty.This is going to be one cool and tough ride. I had high hopes to show you all the tires and rims, but I’m afraid not today. hears the pics I do have. Take care all and have monster truck dreams soon they could come true.ImageImageImage