Today gets to be fabulously shorter. One, because I don’t really have too much to report, but I do have a few updates so instead of writing a mini novel in a few days, I will just do a quick read.

It’s been a little bit of everything, although heavily laden with body work. Saturday was spent cleaning the “yard”, which is the crap pile of stuff that gets amassed here and makes an undesirable white trash trailer park image no matter how organized it is. It started with a good bonfire to clean up cut up signs, dry rotted wood, dilapidated pallets, and a few other odds and ends. “A few other things “ was actually about 12 hours of inferno temp fast burning  insanity. It was actually burning so fast it was hard to keep up. I logged over 15 miles on my pedometer just walking around dragging scraps to the fire. Yeah… and it was dead for about a quarter of the day. Oy!

Break out the mallows and weenies!

Break out the mallows and weenies!

Brad ran the excavator, coming over to move some of the bigger stuff and then would go work on placement of the pad in the new gun range. YAY. Metal loaded up some garbage hydroseed bags, which was a bit of weight for an old guy…but he made it, and wasn’t even broken the next day. Thankfully, I didn’t run into too many critters. Metal found some pretty impressive black widows and brown recluses, and I got a few as well, but no scorpions, hibernating rattlers, or miscellaneous little things. I appreciated that since there were no gloves. Yeah, dumb huh? Building a monster truck and not a pair of work gloves to be found. How is that possible? I did spend a good bit of my day digging out slivers. That dry wood really makes a mess in your hands. Even Dave came down for a bit to save me from a few piles of burnable lumber. He didn’t really appreciate the stinky smoke so that was a short lived adventure.

He ran in circles trying to get his tire back.

He ran in circles trying to get his tire back.

After pushing it around the yard for awhile, time to lather it up in some good old dog slobber

After pushing it around the yard for awhile, time to lather it up in some good old dog slobber

Yeah....shower time

Yeah….shower time

Saturday was nice to get out an work. Call me crazy, but I am more content spending all day outside in the splintery dirty wood than on the computer or watching TV. It certainly makes me less grumpy. Way less grumpy.

This week so far has been more and more sanding as well as bondo and general body work. WOW is that fine dust a total mess. Hulkster has been playing in it and I finally showered him today because he was really smelling like dog. Eww. The amount of gross that came off him was actually impressive. The dust stuck to him like a magnet. I might have been able to make at least 2 adobe bricks with the mud that was left in the bottom of the tub. Impressive really. He didn’t love me much today, and pouted, but oh well. At least he is soft and clean again.

Between layers of bondo and sanding, Brad has been assembling things. Motor stuff. Axles, etc. Actually, the axles look pretty freaking awesome. I can’t believe I said that. Never saw that statement coming out of my mouth EVER. Hmm. It’s kinda true though. The color contrast and customization is nice, and Brad should get a gold star for it. Plus it took lots of time so if I don’t recognize them Brad will feel unappreciated…


Lastly for the moment is seats. Like I said, we hired a new upholstery guy  and he has been on time with things, and on top of it thus far. I haven’t seen the seats in person, but I doubt he has time to create these out of photoshopping skills, so I am going to assume they are legit. We went with tweed for the sake of durability, and I think given that these are what they are, they look pretty good and will hold up for awhile. I mean, yeah we could have gone with leather and made them super pretty, but I don’t feel like reupholstering every few months. NO THANK YOU! Anyway. I like em, and Brad does, so that really is all that matters.



Alright, well I have a lot of crap to do today, some of which is prepping for B-rad’s birthday tomorrow! YAY.


Another post already? UGHHHHHHh

Ok. I guess I’ve procrastinated as long as possible. At least as I write I have my DR. Pepper 10 (soooooo no just for “Men”) and some Junior Mints (which sounded like a great idea….but really don’t taste so awesome with DR. Pepper) Well it’s been a long week and I am pretty happy it’s almost over. Lots of errands, a gaggle of technical crap, oodles of paperwork, craploads of sifting through other people’s BS, a bevy of boring readings, and again, way more time on the computer than this girl can handle.  Weird, I just popped a JR MINTMASTER in my mouth and it was mint-free. Unexpected and delightful. Nice waxy chocolate. Nom nom nom.  Ok back to trucks. I don’t even know where I left off. Is it back that my days run together? I feel like all I do is order parts, make lots of food, dishes, laundry, get mad about the dumb shows Brad watches, and do damage control on all of the really fun things that happen. I mean, it feels like I was just doing this, except I was probably eating Skittles last time (they go MUCH better with DP) Now I am just rambling to avoid thinking. Shoot, what am I going to make for dinner? UGGGGHHHH. Cupcakes sound good. Let’s do that. I think that can be a meal….right?

if they look like dinner I most definitely think it works

if they look like dinner I most definitely think it works, granted that looks like more work than just actually making real dinner….

Ok well. I know we got new upholsterer (that’s a toughy to say) let’s go with upholstery master, or ninjapolstery, or upholstery captain. Since our last one turned into the biggest nightmare on the planet.  Currently, I’m feeling pretty good about the new guy we just hired. However, I am going to hold off on too much praise or excitement, until we get the first set of seats back. I do feel better already though because he has gotten back to us with designs, seems to know what he is doing, and is so far normal. (not that I can really tell you what that actually is) .

It’s been a week of LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of body work. More Bondo, more sanding. I actually almost feel bad for Brad out there. The doors look pretty sharp though, and even I got in on the action there. I sanded them to smooth perfection, washed them with some EPA friendly crap and then Brad shot em. So 4 doors down…..and only like 105 feet of truck to go 😀 Will it ever end?

Shooting Primer

Shooting Primer

Pretty Doors (that will just get wrapped in vinyl)

Pretty Doors (that will just get wrapped in vinyl)

I took about 20 pictures before he finally swatted me away. Spreading Bondo is so much fun

I took about 20 pictures before he finally swatted me away. Spreading Bondo is so much fun

Metal and I made a venture into Vegas, and I actually felt bad. He was stuck with me while I grabbed veggies, and organic milk, and didn’t even complain once. Of course, as usual, we didn’t get back until 6pm, but I did manage to get everything on our lists, as well as make a few bucks getting rid og the odds and ends of scrap from building the chassis and cutting stuff up! Booooooyah!

Safety First?  At the Scrapyard

Safety First?
At the Scrapyard

Today Brad is building brackets for the restrooms up front in the restaurant. Both boys have spent ample time on the excavator. Mikey during the day, and Brad in the later afternoons, evenings. The other night I followed him around in the truck and helped load concrete posts from a previous fence line, and then back up to a soft edge canyon in the dark to dump. Not the best of ideas, but hey, I guess you gotta do what you gotta do. The second gun range is almost done, yay, and it’s definitely been consistently warmer here than it was before. I only had 3 layers on today when I went walking the Hulkster. (who I might add is really out of shape since swimming season is over) I’m shocked I didn’t have to carry his pathetic wrinkly bum half of the way back)

Hopefully, we can get body finished this weekend, and shoot paint next week. That would be assembly the week after, which in all honesty, would be magical. Like unicorns and pots of gold at the end of the rainbow magical. Lucky Charms magical. So until then…..I’m going to go make cupcakes. 😀

My motivational indoors companion....

My motivational indoors companion….

Ok, so I just slacked, but they are all here….

Yeah..that just HAPPENED! Three posts in under 20 minutes. WHHHHHAAAAATTTTTT???

So much for resolutions! Well to be fair I HAVE been writing, just not posting. But it’s been busy on all counts and I wanted to get really organized for 2014. That meant archiving all the old emails, sorting the current ones, putting away the tax stuff for 2013, and wrapping up all those odds and ends that somehow manage to take so much more time than they should. OOOOOOOOh Well. It’s a good feeling not having 6 trillion and 23 emails in the inbox and being able to unsubscribe to the ones I never use as they come in. Ahhh organized chaos. Delightful.

Aside from what I can only describe as overwhelming funtastic activities on my end, the boys and have been full steam ahead in the shop. Lots of Vegas runs for parts, and LOTS AND LOTS of Bondo. I know each area gets multiple coats and we have gone through quite a few gallons of the stuff, and it doesn’t even nearly cover what was on it. I can’t even begin to fathom how much was on the body before it was stripped. WOW. Either way, it’s been a solid week of body work. Brad’s thumb muscle in his hand was actually swollen from mixing and doing it. I suggested taking a day from frosting the truck to do ANYTHING else. I was hoping that meant he would utilize the helicopter flight package I got him several months ago, but instead he opted to be productive and we put the motor and tranny in. That’s right. This bad boy now has a nice, pretty shiny accessory up front. I say just hook it up and get the rides going!

Driver side


motor install

motor install 2

In that circle is the scratch that is my fault....so it is clear I am taking full responsibility for that mar in the powder coating

In that circle is the scratch that is my fault….so it is clear I am taking full responsibility for that mar in the powder coating

motor install complete

Metal has been working on the doors. You really never appreciate the behind the scenes of a body shop. Nope, you probably didn’t give much thought to what happens when you drop off your car for a dent removal, rust repair, etc. Sanding is not fun, layers and layers of body fill (thin layers..like crepe thin) and more sanding, which is suuuuuper messy…trust me, Hulk is currently sporting his own layers and layers of Bondo. There is taping to be done, things to cover, and crevices to make sure it gets done right. Hardener, checking for any microbubbles…etc, etc. OOOOOOHHHHH weeeee. I’ll stick to eating jellybeans while I post blogs and make lunch.

mikey working

On a happy note, the truck really is cruising along. Brad has been out there pretty late all nights, which I found is easy to make him do if I just start dinner kinda late.. and there isn’t much idle down time during the day. Sure they still manage to look at things a lot and act like they are pondering deeply, but right now, I’ll take it. Sure beats Brad being in the house and the truck not getting any closer to completion!

So you can see the metallic in the coating better

So you can see the metallic in the coating better


New Year…Part 2

2014- Quick Trivia!

The best way to start the new year?

A-     Waking up early after the holiday and going to Vegas to get an air compressor

B-      Disconnecting the power source for the camper so there is no power, and not having the parts to make the transfer from one converter to the other.

C-      Cooking dinner in the dark, with no power, and freezing simultaneously


If you guessed D, you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. What a day. We did get a new awesome compressor, and for a moment I thought we were at a car show when we were strapping it down multiple people drove my slowly and commented to us on it. How weird is that? It’s a compressor, not a showpiece, although I do want to wrap it to make it look like an old style missile and do a Bombshell tribute on it, but that’s much down the road.

Of course, when we got home from Vegas, it was the first things that got put together and installed, never mind that I haven’t had real power in the house for a week….. that’s not important at all. So we didn’t  get to it until late. From there, trying to resolve the mass of knots and bundles of wiring, and then not having that parts. Freaking awesome. So to finish my post I’m huddled in front of the one heater and charger I can use via extension cord from the shop. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


New Year’s Eve. Hmm being that this is my last “bad” day for at least…….one week, I figured I had better take full advantage of it. Brownies, bacon-wrapped EVERYTHING, plus chips, caramel corn, meatballs, and buffalo chicken dip. NOM NOM NOM

Aside from concocting things to gorge myself on, I spent some of my day taking pictures, interviewing potential upholstery designers/installers, and pondering what 2014 will bring. I’m not really a believer of the new year being this magical moment of change. You can see proof of that by hopping on Craigslist next week and scoring an awesome deal on a nearly brand new treadmill that someone’s 2014 was going to really utilize. Instead of intangible goals, mine are simple, well maybe not simple, but easy to lay down an obtainable plan to.  So here they go:

Blog post twice per week

Get using Facebook for the Truck and Promotion

Bitch less

Be more patient with Brad, even when I want to punch him in the face, and kick him in the patella simultaneously

Do a standing backflip

Finish things I start

Become a better business person (more bitch, less nice)

Get a giraffe (ok the last one isn’t likely, but if I aim for a giraffe, Brad might let me get another dog)

I think that is more than enough to get started!  I got 365 days ahead to get at least one of these accomplished 😀


I’m not really sure if Brad made any resolutions this year, which is fine, his resolution just needs to be getting this dang thing DONE! Yesterday was great because it made for a productive day in the shop. High morale and good spirits are much appreciated! I know everyone gets antsy and irritable when they are bored, so getting the truck back was a breath of fresh air. The worst part of the day (aside from a lunch of questionable ingredients at the new gas station restaurant) was learning we would have to the body work ourselves first, as our original plan didn’t go accordingly. Oh well. That is life.

Metal Mike set up a part of some scaffolding to hang the doors to get started. Those suckers are heavy. Both Brad and Metal grabbed one to slide onto the ladder I was in charge of moving , which was a lot of pressure for me. I hate being in position where if I screw up people’s lives are at stake…ok well maybe that is a little excessive, but their toes definitely were. Then the front doors had to be hoisted up by both of them. So much for my laundry room.

Two of Four

Two of Four

Other tasks were using the unispotter to pull out a dent in the back. Fortunately, we won’t have to use this guy much since the body doesn’t have much for actual dents. It is a pretty cool tool that spot welds a stud to the body and then you pull the dent with a slide hammer. Good times. I kinda liked the look of the studs but I was outvoted to having spikes all over the truck. No one is ever fun around here.

studs2 studs

The window mounts were measured and welded on. Mike got the chance to get out the measuring tape and flex his math brain muscle. He was thrilled, and there were a lot of yellow marks that I think got crossed out. I know he hates math, which makes me laugh, oh….I’m a horrible person. Sorry Metal for delighting in your misery. Maybe I should put that on my 2014 list….

Each tab is hand cut, drilled and ground for smoothness....that is a lot of work for these little things

Each tab is hand cut, drilled and ground for smoothness….that is a lot of work for these little things

A third of the day was spent removing the chassis from the trailer. It was a process, and one of our super awesome expensive jacks blew a seal, so that complicated things a bit. Ugh. Fortunately the guys are pretty good at most problem solving, so it wasn’t quite the event it would be for most. There has been a lot of ingenuity in this project, but it’s part of the deal.

dismount from trailer dismount from trailer 1