Has it been a week already?

Whew! What a week! A LOT of Vegas runs! Oy vey! Not only have the guys been building their buns off, it sure is starting to creep up in the heat! I always feel like such a jerk when I pop out there to ask a question, drop off a meal, or just take a break from my cage, and I am wearing a coat drinking tea. (Brad likes the AC to be on freezing) Both are sitting in front of the fan and I come strolling through the door with my hood up. This upcoming week’s lowest day is Monday and it’s going to be 97 with a low of 72. Most of the remainder of the week is pushing 105-107. UH HUH! Time to get the ice tea out and stock up on even more water jugs!
Alright, so while Brad and Metal have been building like crazy, they have also taken on a few side projects here and there. One includes building some large covers for the gun range out of DOM so that the patrons coming out for Bullets and Burgers (and eventually the truck) don’t have to stand in direct heat and burn the crap out of their hands and arms when they grab a gun. Not to mention, it’s just gets hellaciously hot here and any shade is appreciate for ANY amount of time you are outside.
So these square heavy duty “not-so-easy-ups” are I believe either an 18×20 or somewhere in that size range. They built “t’s” to put the pieces together and then bolt in. It made them easier to put up than most, but anytime you are using heavy duty tubing in that length, it isn’t a one man job by any means. Although…I do make a great Atlas statue holding up one end.

First assembly

First assembly

The upper and lower four link tabs have been mounted. You can see in the pictures that each of the uppers has three holes in it, and while realistically, we will probably never use it, it does look cool and in some applications has a function. Metal explained it pretty much as by varying the pitch of the 4 link bars you are able to change the type of traction you get. Makes sense from a physics point of view, but because we really won’t be utilizing it, I will skip the details and scientific descriptions. Call me lazy. Do it…I dare ya. They even mocked it up by attaching the 4-links to the axles and placing the axles on the lift to check measurements and placements. It looked pretty spot on and not just picture ginormous tires and we have ourselves a truck!

Brad Welding upper 4-link tab

Brad Welding upper 4-link tab

Close up of axle mock mounted with 4 link to tabs

Close up of axle mock mounted with 4 link to tabs


Initial phases of the front cage and engine placement have been determined and started. The mockup motor has been painted (yes painted, we can’t have ugly “dummy” motors in our pictures) and is sitting patiently on a motor cart until we are ready to start building around it.
Seat height and placement has been finalized and determined.
Tires have hopefully been confirmed. What a nightmare that is.

New driver’s seat is on it’s way! I guess Brad just couldn’t part with his uber expensive custom seat for anything but decoration.
Currently I am in the redesign phases of our artwork. We are changing it up a little bit, which hopefully will be for the good of the whole image. Focusing less on “hustler” and more just on the truck and Vegas-y theme. Lots of tedious, unappreciated work. OH and I spent hours reworking a few things, had Brad come in to check them out and make sure I wasn’t wasting my time on something he hated , which he didn’t. Then a few minutes later, trying to be considerate, I pick up my lap top to head out to the shop and that wonderful, glorious wind I often mention, ripped the door out of my hand, when I opened it, which forced me to allow the batter to come out of the back. I should know better. All my work was gone. POOF. If my laptop would have been smaller, it would have become a Frisbee at that moment. Fortunately, it’s huge and flinging one armed is not exactly a simple, impulse task.

Talk about micro-managing. Don't I have enough bosses?

Talk about micro-managing. Don’t I have enough bosses?

We also had the pleasure of meeting some new friends, who’s truck was on fire last week when they rolled into Last Stop. After having to leave one truck here to continue on their journey, they made it back on Saturday and it was delightful to have them here. I’m sure they would have rather not had to be in good old White Hills, AZ, but at least there was cold water  Hopefully they are able to complete their tasks and get back to their home today. Not that we want to see them go, but I know just how much fun it is to be stuck in no man’s land. Hopefully, we can make it to Sturgis with them this year!! We (plus Melissa) had a wonderful dinner last night, and while it might seem odd to some for you to break bread with near strangers, they couldn’t have been any more delightful. A big shout out to “Michelle” for her nummy BBQ meat and condiments for tacos!

Today…well I don’t know about today. I see a river in the future (Hulk tried to swan dive off the quad into the dust, and officially needs a river swim to clean up) and possibly some shocks heading our way!
For now….off to call me up some sponsors and finish up the artwork rendition part 2.


Only been working 2 hours.....and you wonder why I write vaguely about the days in the shop... This is the type of stuff I see first hand, not the tail busting :D

Only been working 2 hours…..and you wonder why I write vaguely about the days in the shop… This is the type of stuff I see first hand, not the tail busting 😀


2 thoughts on “Has it been a week already?

  1. Hi Brad and Jen: You are two busy kids. We are headed to Reno this week and may go to Boomtown. This coming weekend is a Mustang Car Show there. They say that there will be a variety of mustangs including the Shelby. If we go, is there anything you want/need for us to get or look for? Would be happy to do this for you. Looking forward to the trip and the sun. It has been in the 90’s. This will be plenty warm for us. You kids take care. We enjoy reading your facebook. Love, Uncle Glenn, Aunt Teary and Kelli

    • It sounds like a blast! Wish we didnt have so much work to do. I know Brad would love to go. For now we don’t need any add more cars to the collection, but thanks for the offer on the scouting!! Have fun and hopefully we will see you in July!

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