Breakout the tape

Not a whole lot of visuals but Metal Mike has tape measure in hand. Keeping with the whole tubular theme. Mike came up with away to make a transfer case mount for the truck . Using the pipe bender he bent a horse shoe that the mount bracket can be welded too. It’s important to the guys to stay with the clean lines the tube frame work offers. Gotta have the form and function it is a limo isn’t it. There was a lucky thing, pop up. one of the yolks from the differential fit perfect on the transfer case. They wont have to make any, just order a few more. Sad part is you all ways have to wait for delivery. When I left Metal Mike he was bending a roll bar, to use it to measure. Where the upper shock mounts go so he can bend that bar around the mounts. I have had people keep saying is it done yet! How long,Hurry up. Well all I have to say is when its done its done! The stuff is still at the powder guy. I heard now maybe Saturday, they will be done. Cant wait to see how the rims came out. Here’s some pics I took today. See ya all next time!!!!ImageImageImageImage


oooo boxes

Its a lot like Christmas when boxes finally start to arrive . After the tires showed up another truck brought in the transfer case and all 8 massive shocks. The shocks are a two stage system. Stage one has an adjustable valve, to control the comfort of the ride and is pressurized by nitrogen. Stage 2 is also nitrogen charged but has a set pressure. There are 2 shocks per tire. Stage one goes on the out side and stage two goes on the inside. The transfer case was made out of a solid billet aluminum and instead of a chain drive ours has a steel gear driven system witch is way stronger then the chain driven type. All the hydraulics had to be removed along with the gas tank. Metal Mike has spent this week welding more tabs for the frame panels and cutting out the panels for the frame and the stairs. Now he’s working on the shock mount brackets. I am told that on Wednesday all the stuff that got sent to the powder coater will return all shiny new. Then they have to get those huge tires mounted on the rims. That’s gonna be quite the chore (there isn’t any tire machine) so the mounting will be done by hand. Hope they don’t scratch the paint. One thing about all the parts for the truck everything is so big and heavy. You have to put your purse down to pick anything up and definitely need to lift with all your legs. I was walking by one of the rims and had an urge to see how heavy they were. After some grunting I got one off the ground. That’s when I decided they don’t need to be picked up by me any more. As I was looking at the tires I was taken back to the time when we would roll down a hill in a tractor tire. I think these are a lot more roomy for that type of insane ride. Don’t think I would survive. So for now its a lot of welding and grinding. Making mounts for the transfer case and all 8 of the shock mount brackets. Sure will be nice to see the stuff that comes back from the powder coating. Have fun till next time. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Perfect Square

After the guys returned from a Vegas run. They had to take and cut the 1/4 inch polished aluminum diamond plate. They got three sheets 4 x 8 ft.  and had to cut the floor and stairs out of them. It takes time and patience to cut all that by hand, so there’s a lot  of self pride involved. After they got all the pieces cut, it was time to see if they will fit. That’s when after all the pieces fit perfectly . Because the frame was welded so straight. Thats when you just have to smile with pride, 32 feet of frame, and there wasn’t even a 1/32 inch gap. All the floor pieces laid down perfectly. The metal tabs have been useful in securing the floor panels and stair plates.(what a multi use those tabs have become) The rear axle had to be removed so they could fit in the frame, to weld mounting brackets for the gas tank. Then the gas tank went in. One down one to go.  Then the next task at hand was to fabricate the instrument box. Once again those tabs came in handy. Everything has a very clean and straight look . Just goes to say there’s nothing better then the perfect square! The tires came in Sunday. They are so big, I sure would’nt want to have to change one by myself. Thetires are 66 inch tall 43 wide and 25 on the rim and when you go to pick one up be prepared for 500 pounds Image as all ways here’s some pics of things………ImageImageImageImageImageImage

I remembered my camera and ran down to

I remembered my camera and ran down to the shop to take pictures of things. It was strange to find no one there. The guys had to run to Vegas to get more stuff for the truck. A lot of times having to go get things can be a real day draining adventure. If we had to wait for shipping the whole project would still be a drawing on a piece of paper. The hydraulics got bled on the stairs so they are operating smoothly. Now its time for the mad dash to get all the parts done for the front and rear end. I did get a pic of those tabs I talked about in my last entry. They actually came in handy for mounting other things, like the gauges and the box of toggle switches that will control all the lights and gadgets. The neat and clean look really makes a big difference. So lets give Brad a good cheer for such another bright idea. Yea!!!!! Mike has been kept constantly busy. He has been cutting and chopping metal to make the front end brackets, trying to get things in place. So once it is all together we can take it all apart to send it all to get powder coated. Like I said no one was around so I just took pics of things I noticed that got done. I am sure when I go down on saturday I will see a whole lot that I missed. It seems every time I look at the truck, there is all ways things done that I did’nt see or just missed, so I guess I need to spend more time down there. That way I dont miss so much. I do think that the job being done is awsome and just down right incredible.One moment a pile of pipe and the next moment BAM pure coolness. Should’nt we all have a monster truck in our garages for the real bad traffic days. Sure would give car crushing a new meaning. OkayImage then see ya next time and as allways I will leave you with pics.ImageImageImageImageImage

The stairs go up and down

Brad and Mike had a time consuming and a pure brain power over usage getting all the angles and bends so the stairs will go up and down. the last time I saw them they were just an idea and a couple holes. It just goes to show that with the right amount of time and a few looks at the tape measure, maybe a cuss word or two . Walla stairs that go up and down. I am sorry I haven’t been here in a while but I’ve been down with the desert crud.Thank god that’s over with. Brad came up with a cool idea for the panel brackets. Instead of having them made at 3 bucks a piece, he found some cool pieces, that are prethreaded. So now it will be a whole lot easier to put the panels on without having someone to hold the nut on the back side. The best part of that idea is of course the cost. When you look at spending a 1000 to only spending 150. It makes the pocket and budget Happy! Happy! Happy! Of course making things from scratch there is nothing prefab, to just bolt or weld on. The guys even had to make their own hydraulic lines and of course they did a perfect job, no leaks, no blow outs, and things work great. Saturday was a really cool day Crisc Angel flew in on a helicopter. He was interested in using the truck in an illusion. I had to run and take care of stuff witch was a bad idea cuz I forgot to leave my camera for someone to take pics. So now you just have to take my word for it. Brad of course got to fly in his helicopter. And then he remembers his phone has a camera . That’s him in the helicopter flying over Lake Mead. I miss all the BIG fun! That’s okay I’m sure there will be more BIG fun later just have to get my timing right. All the welding got done on the rims so now they are ready for powder coating.They will be a shiny silver on the inside with black  chrome on the outer rim.Gonna look awesome when they are done. You all have a good day and here’s the pics I did get!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

More progress

Friday was a busy day welding the rims. Brad came up with a new way to add an extra ring to the out side of the rim to strengthen the rim. Also allows the rims to be universal that way they can be used on either Rockwell or Clark planetary axles.They also got the fender wells cut out so the tire would fit. Then the time consuming of measuring for the fit of the shocks.The gas tanks have arrived so now brackets have to be made once they decide where they will go.Had to run into Las Vegas to get a sheet of steel to cut out and fashion the shock mounts. Mike stayed busy cutting out the pieces to make a bracket for the hydraulic ram that will open and close the rear loading door. There will be one on each side of the door. With the temps reaching 117 degrees the shop just got to hot, so we decided to look into a rare find, a 1967 Shelby Mustang. We saw it on craigslist we had hoped it was a real deal. So off to yucca az we went but the address the guy gave us was an empty house for sell. He wanted  us to make  deposit in his account to hold it for us. I guess he thought we would be that foolish.It really is sad that people try that stuff. There should be a group of people to look into idiots that want to make a quick buck. Going there to find nothing kinda ruined the mood so it was back to the inferno of the shop. Brad got to do the fun stuff like call again to ask where our order is. The new bender is set up and so far has decided to function properly, which is nice when things work like they are supposed to. Here’s some more photos of our progress. With the tire in place it sure gives a person a better perspective on the final product.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage