I need like 40 hours in a day!

To hell with New Year’s Resolutions. Let’s be realistic, there is way too much crap to do when you have a monster truck. Marketing, maintenance, sponsorship, cleaning, writing, designing, video-ing, pictures, and then factor in the rest of the things in life – bills, cooking, cleaning, endless infinite piles of laundry, errands, etc, how do people have time for anything?

Currently I am writing from Washington. I came up for a week, and it’s pretty much been go go go! Stuff to get done, updates to make, video to edit, nieces to play with, birthdays to be had, but I figured in the rare moment of solitude, I would do a brief blog update.

T-shirts are ready, except this dang catch phrase. I’m really not sure what Brad is looking for anymore, so I have personally given up on it. I thought me and Jenel had a good direction we were headed and then it was completely shut down. After several of those, I’m tapping out.

Truck is still going strong. It’s a champ, and is still impressive to me almost every day. The other days it’s just annoying. Anyone who deals with performance parts can attest. Plus, do you even understand how insanely frustrating it is to call a parts store and end up in a stalemate because you can’t really give them a year make and model and want them just to check on a part number- it’s even THEIR part number. Somehow the parts store gods have made it impossible to even move without a year/make/model. Well sir, it’s a monster truck…can you check if you have any of those on your screen…OH MY GOSH NO? THE WORLD IS ENDING! WHAT WILL WE DO NOW? HOW CAN WE FIND A PART???? Stupid. Just Stupid.

As for side endeavors, as you know I’m up in Washington. Brad went to Scat Enterprises in southern California, and I’m really not sure where else he has been while I’ve been away. I do have a wonderfully long road trip home, that I am actually kinda looking forward to. I never get to drive because Brad prefers to, so a long 20 hour drive in peach and quiet sounds amazing. Ok, well half peace and quiet. I will be driving a diesel…

Other than that. Not much else. Just finished the mini video, and am working on a more detailed one with the specs, information, etc. Woohoo! The website is almost completely revised. If you haven’t been following we are crossing over to BTR Motorsports for a while. I think it looks pretty good. Hopefully it helps in our endeavor to sell the truck.

Ok, well that is my official log. Now I have a trip to pack for and stuff to get done. Check out the new site and tell us what you think! Hopefully we will have T-shirts for sale soon!