Today gets to be fabulously shorter. One, because I don’t really have too much to report, but I do have a few updates so instead of writing a mini novel in a few days, I will just do a quick read.

It’s been a little bit of everything, although heavily laden with body work. Saturday was spent cleaning the “yard”, which is the crap pile of stuff that gets amassed here and makes an undesirable white trash trailer park image no matter how organized it is. It started with a good bonfire to clean up cut up signs, dry rotted wood, dilapidated pallets, and a few other odds and ends. “A few other things “ was actually about 12 hours of inferno temp fast burning  insanity. It was actually burning so fast it was hard to keep up. I logged over 15 miles on my pedometer just walking around dragging scraps to the fire. Yeah… and it was dead for about a quarter of the day. Oy!

Break out the mallows and weenies!

Break out the mallows and weenies!

Brad ran the excavator, coming over to move some of the bigger stuff and then would go work on placement of the pad in the new gun range. YAY. Metal loaded up some garbage hydroseed bags, which was a bit of weight for an old guy…but he made it, and wasn’t even broken the next day. Thankfully, I didn’t run into too many critters. Metal found some pretty impressive black widows and brown recluses, and I got a few as well, but no scorpions, hibernating rattlers, or miscellaneous little things. I appreciated that since there were no gloves. Yeah, dumb huh? Building a monster truck and not a pair of work gloves to be found. How is that possible? I did spend a good bit of my day digging out slivers. That dry wood really makes a mess in your hands. Even Dave came down for a bit to save me from a few piles of burnable lumber. He didn’t really appreciate the stinky smoke so that was a short lived adventure.

He ran in circles trying to get his tire back.

He ran in circles trying to get his tire back.

After pushing it around the yard for awhile, time to lather it up in some good old dog slobber

After pushing it around the yard for awhile, time to lather it up in some good old dog slobber

Yeah....shower time

Yeah….shower time

Saturday was nice to get out an work. Call me crazy, but I am more content spending all day outside in the splintery dirty wood than on the computer or watching TV. It certainly makes me less grumpy. Way less grumpy.

This week so far has been more and more sanding as well as bondo and general body work. WOW is that fine dust a total mess. Hulkster has been playing in it and I finally showered him today because he was really smelling like dog. Eww. The amount of gross that came off him was actually impressive. The dust stuck to him like a magnet. I might have been able to make at least 2 adobe bricks with the mud that was left in the bottom of the tub. Impressive really. He didn’t love me much today, and pouted, but oh well. At least he is soft and clean again.

Between layers of bondo and sanding, Brad has been assembling things. Motor stuff. Axles, etc. Actually, the axles look pretty freaking awesome. I can’t believe I said that. Never saw that statement coming out of my mouth EVER. Hmm. It’s kinda true though. The color contrast and customization is nice, and Brad should get a gold star for it. Plus it took lots of time so if I don’t recognize them Brad will feel unappreciated…


Lastly for the moment is seats. Like I said, we hired a new upholstery guy  and he has been on time with things, and on top of it thus far. I haven’t seen the seats in person, but I doubt he has time to create these out of photoshopping skills, so I am going to assume they are legit. We went with tweed for the sake of durability, and I think given that these are what they are, they look pretty good and will hold up for awhile. I mean, yeah we could have gone with leather and made them super pretty, but I don’t feel like reupholstering every few months. NO THANK YOU! Anyway. I like em, and Brad does, so that really is all that matters.



Alright, well I have a lot of crap to do today, some of which is prepping for B-rad’s birthday tomorrow! YAY.



  1. Happy Birthday Brad, I will bring out your card and gift when i shoot out to cash in my lottery ticket. OK or to just get another,Tell Metal Thanks we put the axle back in and it looks to be perfect and thank you for letting him take care of it.

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