It’s Primer Time!!!!!

Last weekend, the upholstery guy came out from Havasu to bring out the completed seat, seat covers, and build patterns, and took some more measurements. In person, the seat looks even better, we are excited for the rest of the interior.  I’m secretly hoping too, that when we are done with the truck, he can redo the interior in the camper. It’s not run down or bad looking, but the foam is insanely broken down from my bum working on the computer all the time.

Creating Patterns-

Creating Patterns


Looks good in the truck right?

Looks good in the truck right?

Apparently Brad confused me for the paparazzi that are banging down the door for scandal around here....

Apparently Brad confused me for the paparazzi that are banging down the door for scandal around here….

Now for this week. Oh my heck. I can’t believe we are actually in the painting stage….finally. It was starting to feel like the movie Groundhog’s Day, and not in a good way. I would love to say the week flew by, but it was just another week of painstaking and annoyingly tedious tasks. Fortunately for myself, it afforded me the rare opportunity to leave the piles of paperwork, emails, and orders behind, and delve into the truck. One thing I am a little sad about is my lack of involvement in the building process. Normally, everything is just Brad and me. Whether it was swapping motors, digging ditches, putting in the floor. The truck hasn’t been that way mostly because there is just too much crap to do in the office, as well as day to day maintenance. I swear tracking lost shipments is a full time gig around these parts! Fortunately, Metal has been a good replacement (and probably more useful in the shop than myself) so I can’t complain too much.

So as you all know, it’s been all about body work. Well, the sanding finally stopped (thank goodness) and it was time for phase 2…..or possibly phase 97, either way, we moved forward. Time for masking off the door jams, and then pretty much the rest of the truck. PRIMER BABY! Ok so I was conned into helping tape the doors. Realistically, I should know by now that anytime Brad uses the phrase “we” it actually means “Jen” and that he will be involved elsewhere. And taping the doors, well that was just to get me in the door, because once I start, I don’t stop. So the doors turned into the doors, plus the windows, plus the rear, plus the roof, then the windshield, then a paper drop layer under the truck and THEN a plastic one below that. Hmm I feel scammed. It started off fun, like I was building a fort, but instead of limp blankets and couch cushions, I had a monster truck, 500 feet of paper, and a zillion rolls of tape. Oh yeah! After about two doors, and a few windows, I was completely over the childhood project. It became monster truck fort hell. Everything has to be exact, everything has to stick for awhile, and there is a plethora of different crevices, cracks, curves, corners, cutouts, and hmm what’s another c word I could use…crumpets….yeah, ok well, no crumpets, but you get the point.

Once the sides were all done up, we did the roof together (the 10 minutes of “we”) and then in the middle Brad left for awhile so I was kinda stuck up there with no good way down since climbing down a window or other step would punch a hole in the nicely papered areas. Sweet. It’s not even outside so I couldn’t get a tan, and my cell was sitting on the bench so I couldn’t even do one of my learn Spanish app lessons on it. Lame. Just lay on the cold uncomfortable roof trying to avoid the holes for the AC (that was almost disastrous a few times…) So then  it was on to the drop layers, and after three days of taping (I did office crap in the mornings) I was so ready for the straight lines around the bottom. Yeah. Wishful thinking. The tape was uncooperative and just wouldn’t stick to the dang plastic. Awesome.

About a third of the way through, I could hear Brad start spraying. He had already cleaned and wet the floor to avoid dust. OH and here is a great tidbit. So I learned that you do your first “drop layer” in paper and then below that you do your plastic. The paint when it falls on the plastic just jumps right off when dry. SOOOOOOO in turn if it is close to where you are actually painting, it will put flecks EVERYWHERE. Great, if you are going for the “I don’t know how to paint look” but not so much for champion, I took too long, showpiece.

Ok so I rounded out taping and Brad was working the passenger side of the truck. Does this thing actually have a passenger side? The driver sits in the middle and the passengers are on both sides. Hmm what a conundrum. Blows your mind right? Ok well, probably not so much.

I’m not going to lie. I was thrilled and then some to see primer getting laid down on the truck. Giddy even. I may or may not have done a little happy dance when no one was looking. Stepping back from the truck, I really, REALLY wished I had a roll of ribbon that was like a foot wide, because it resembled a present a three year old tried wrapping without adult supervision. THE OCD in me was screaming in agony that it couldn’t be perfectly coordinated and neatly wrapped, but I just had to walk away. The bow would have been a nice touch. I’ll Photoshop one in, real cheesy like.

There is still so much paint to do, and you just don’t realize how much extra work the length creates. Taping a car? Quick. Taping a monster truck limo? Way too freakin long. And super wasteful. I don’t even know the number of rolls of tape I went through, and I ended up wearing one around my arm after I was done for like three hours because I had grown accustomed to it. Making dinner with masking tape on your bicep really isn’t as cumbersome as one might think.

Happy....end of the month gift

Happy….end of the month gift

Inside my fort

Inside my fort

The shop looks like someone died...

The shop looks like someone died…




Other shop tasks for the week, included dropping a new tranny in one of the Bullets and Burgers Vans, doing some brakes for Melissa, and both Shawnee’s (our fantastically random and hilarious niece) and Melissa’s birthdays. Hmm. Tomorrow looks like a Vegas trip for me, and hopefully I will return with some sandpaper, powder coated parts, and finished exhaust. (I will also likely get some doughnuts, Jimmy Johns, and Skittles.)  See ya after the truck is painted!!!!!!!

Celebrating Brad's B-day

Celebrating Brad’s B-day


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