The Posting Triathalon- Part Uno!

Preface: Some of this is kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinda old because I started it only to get interrupted with something else. So follow along and I will try to keep it chronological.

UUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh. Blogging is about the last thing I want to do (I say about because the last thing I want to do is read the technical specs on high temp thermo coating) It’s not that I dislike writing, cuz I don’t. I love it, but not when I am burnt out on it, and have so much , yet so little to write about. Secretly, I held back on posting, because I was just hoping that the truck would be finished and I could just type “THE END” Alas, that is not the case. We still have a couple weeks left , and since it’s been more than that since my last post, I can’t ignore it any longer.
The days are truly starting to blur together. After Enoch left, we had a week, and then Brad’s Dad and his dad’s girlfriend, Karen came to visit. Fortunately, they are pretty good at entertaining themselves, so it didn’t lag us much. Like I said before, company is company, so it’s not like you operating 100%, but we didn’t dip too far down in production. Plus it was nice to see them and for them to see the progress from their last trip.
Something I would really like to clarify is that I don’t just sit inside shopping online for purses or watch soap operas. For some reason people seem to think I just lay around all day in the lap of luxury. I don’t. In fact I hate being inside. I hate being on the computer. I hate looking for parts that literally do not exist or finding a product that is close enough to the unicorn Brad needs for the truck. I don’t have ample free time to just do whatever. If I did, my hair would always look pretty, I wouldn’t finally get dressed around noon, and I would exercise EVERY single day. When I am not working on truck stuff, I am doing everything else to keep our lives in motion, and start other ventures. I may not get to work outside, and I do not need a gold star, but I definitely have not been on vacation for a year.
Mini-vent complete. Ok. Well as you know the truck is getting more truck-like every day. Brad has been wiring like a mad man. I you ever saw our race trucks, then you are familiar with the wiring Brad likes-simple. Everything is excessive, over complicated, and ill-assembled. To us, the simpler the better. Easier to work on, less problems, and it just makes sense. There is no need for making yellow wires go into brown, then into green…just yellow. Don’t splice unless required, just one wire, one color- done. In the game of electronic equipment, sometimes it just isn’t so simple. I can’t even begin to count the hours of problem solving (thanks Steve for your tech support), making ends that are pretty (each one gets measured, cut, an end soldered on, and shrink tube around it) As much as I would love nothing more than to go count how many wires that has been done with….I’m going to pass for the sake of the greater good (getting this actually done) There is still more wiring to do, but at least the bulk of it is complete.
For all of the boring, wish you were anywhere but here moments, there are greats that just make it all worthwhile. Thursday the 10th, we primed the motor, tested all the parts, and flipped the “start” switch (which I wanted to be one of those giant red “EASY” buttons, but no one values my opinion around here. That and I don’t think it fit on the dash. Oh well. The first two attempts ended in giant mini explosions out the carb (nothing exciting, but for our spectators it was hilarious) Then on the third try, the Sin City Hustler fired up in all her Big Block Ford Glory! I was in the driver’s seat, and to feel her spring to life was amazing. This was real, and it was awesome.
Of course after the initial startup, there has been several runs since. Testing gauges (which all work flawlessly) making sure the heat wasn’t an issue, and tuning the motor. It idles like a champ and sounds like the behemoth it is. Although I think the guys were secretly a little sad about the sound of the exhaust, but honestly, it’s loud and it sounds good….so I could care less about their whining.
I have attached the start up video for your viewing. So make sure you have it plugged in to your surround sound to get a better, more authentic effect.

In the midst of the motor and electrical I had to crack down on my graphics. So moving on to post 2. See how thoughtful I am. Most of you don’t want to read super long posts so I am being so considerate to give you an intermission….yes, you’re welcome.


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