The bells and whistles

I think I need to leave more often. Instead of seeing the truck every day and thinking “UUUUUGHHHHH will it ever be finished?”, I get to come back and be like “hey, look at all the pretty stuff on it”. As y’all know I have been out of town, and mostly in the dark about the truck, but it’s time to dust off the laptop and get blogging. (among a pile of other things) I will do the best I can to extract some details about what has been happening in my absence.

So this might be more of my list. I don’t have the details on any difficulties or general issues, so I will just cruise through and tell you what’s been done.

The fuel tanks and braided steel lines were installed complete with perrrrrrty anodized AN fittings. Underneath them, the stainless diamond plate floor was installed adding to the over SHINY aspect of things. Moving over towards the front, the battery tray/mounts were installed and completed with their nice fancy pants floor. And continuing on, the trap door style entry for the driver was also completed. Anyone who knows monster trucks knows that the driver actually climbs up underneath the body of the truck in order to enter into the cab. We stuck with that idea, one because it actually is much easier than trying to climb through a door, and two, because it’s a monster truck…why not keep it that way throughout.

Battery Tray and fuel tanks

Battery Tray and fuel tanks

You will note in the pictures there are some white sheets visible along the truck sides where the floor drops down, and along the front drivers cab. This is the Lexan sheeting that has been fitted and cut for the truck and will make the working tires and shocks visible from the interior. In addition to the ground, passengers will be able to view the motor through the front wall of Lexan. The diamond plate flooring was also installed (half is covered by carpet at the moment).

Floor with Lexan down sides

Floor with Lexan down sides

In the frontal portion of the truck, the battery shut offs were installed, the steering and hose lines were also put into place. The large white box along the side is the inverter, which will be used to run the AC units on the truck, as well as the heater, audio, and any other electronics needed.

Inverter top left and battery disconnect mid right

Inverter top left and battery disconnect mid right

Other odds and ends…Limiter straps were installed. Normally, on monster trucks these prevent the shocks from extending out too far, which on this truck really are not necessary, since the truck will probably not be jumping school busses, but why not stick them on?

The last thing I would like to report on is the headliner panels I saw sitting in the corner, but I will wait to shoot a picture until the upholstery guy comes back and I can get the overall updates from him.

That’s it for now. No snarky negativity today, or such things. Just the facts. More to come since Brad was taping off the bottom portion of the truck to get some painting done.

inside front hood front


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