What a week….or so!

OK let me preface my stating I am not at home currently, and am in Washington working on some stuff, so I am kinda doing a blog post from verbal info…which if you know Brad is pretty much assuming I am telepathic and will just be able to either read his mind, or see it if I close my eyes and concentrate deeply. So I will apologize in advance because I don’t have much to work with.

Axles Brad has been working on (thanks againg for the shots Melissa)

Axles Brad has been working on (thanks againg for the shots Melissa)

axle 3 axle 2

When I left the upholstery guy was heading up to get some more upholstering done. Fortunately he got lots of pictures of the event and sent me a handful to share with y’all. I know there is still more to do, and hopefully his wife can make the trip up next time and come check out the truck (and help offset the testosterone just a smidge).

DAVE1 DAVE2 Dave3 Dave4 dave5

The boys have been working on truck assembly and getting all those pieces together. It is definitely a process, and as to specifics, well when I asked Brad what he has been working on I got “everything” with zero elaboration. So I guess if you want to know what is going on, you will just have to call and ask him.

BUUUUUT one thing I do know is that the energy drinks were done and Brad went and picked them up for me! They are for sale online, and will have an updated picture asap. I was just way to stokked to get them going that I haven’t had time to coordinate a mini photo shoot from up here.

Right now it is only link to Paypal Purchase, which will be changing soon, as well as a few quirks on it that are annoying, but most just stuff on my end to try to deal with (like the dang white box that shows the number you ordered..in white) You can purchase them at :http://www.bigtoyzracing.com/apps/webstore/

Thanks Melissa for the snapshot!

Thanks Melissa for the snapshot!

back o canFINISHEd LABEL copy


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