Another post already? UGHHHHHHh

Ok. I guess I’ve procrastinated as long as possible. At least as I write I have my DR. Pepper 10 (soooooo no just for “Men”) and some Junior Mints (which sounded like a great idea….but really don’t taste so awesome with DR. Pepper) Well it’s been a long week and I am pretty happy it’s almost over. Lots of errands, a gaggle of technical crap, oodles of paperwork, craploads of sifting through other people’s BS, a bevy of boring readings, and again, way more time on the computer than this girl can handle.  Weird, I just popped a JR MINTMASTER in my mouth and it was mint-free. Unexpected and delightful. Nice waxy chocolate. Nom nom nom.  Ok back to trucks. I don’t even know where I left off. Is it back that my days run together? I feel like all I do is order parts, make lots of food, dishes, laundry, get mad about the dumb shows Brad watches, and do damage control on all of the really fun things that happen. I mean, it feels like I was just doing this, except I was probably eating Skittles last time (they go MUCH better with DP) Now I am just rambling to avoid thinking. Shoot, what am I going to make for dinner? UGGGGHHHH. Cupcakes sound good. Let’s do that. I think that can be a meal….right?

if they look like dinner I most definitely think it works

if they look like dinner I most definitely think it works, granted that looks like more work than just actually making real dinner….

Ok well. I know we got new upholsterer (that’s a toughy to say) let’s go with upholstery master, or ninjapolstery, or upholstery captain. Since our last one turned into the biggest nightmare on the planet.  Currently, I’m feeling pretty good about the new guy we just hired. However, I am going to hold off on too much praise or excitement, until we get the first set of seats back. I do feel better already though because he has gotten back to us with designs, seems to know what he is doing, and is so far normal. (not that I can really tell you what that actually is) .

It’s been a week of LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of body work. More Bondo, more sanding. I actually almost feel bad for Brad out there. The doors look pretty sharp though, and even I got in on the action there. I sanded them to smooth perfection, washed them with some EPA friendly crap and then Brad shot em. So 4 doors down…..and only like 105 feet of truck to go 😀 Will it ever end?

Shooting Primer

Shooting Primer

Pretty Doors (that will just get wrapped in vinyl)

Pretty Doors (that will just get wrapped in vinyl)

I took about 20 pictures before he finally swatted me away. Spreading Bondo is so much fun

I took about 20 pictures before he finally swatted me away. Spreading Bondo is so much fun

Metal and I made a venture into Vegas, and I actually felt bad. He was stuck with me while I grabbed veggies, and organic milk, and didn’t even complain once. Of course, as usual, we didn’t get back until 6pm, but I did manage to get everything on our lists, as well as make a few bucks getting rid og the odds and ends of scrap from building the chassis and cutting stuff up! Booooooyah!

Safety First?  At the Scrapyard

Safety First?
At the Scrapyard

Today Brad is building brackets for the restrooms up front in the restaurant. Both boys have spent ample time on the excavator. Mikey during the day, and Brad in the later afternoons, evenings. The other night I followed him around in the truck and helped load concrete posts from a previous fence line, and then back up to a soft edge canyon in the dark to dump. Not the best of ideas, but hey, I guess you gotta do what you gotta do. The second gun range is almost done, yay, and it’s definitely been consistently warmer here than it was before. I only had 3 layers on today when I went walking the Hulkster. (who I might add is really out of shape since swimming season is over) I’m shocked I didn’t have to carry his pathetic wrinkly bum half of the way back)

Hopefully, we can get body finished this weekend, and shoot paint next week. That would be assembly the week after, which in all honesty, would be magical. Like unicorns and pots of gold at the end of the rainbow magical. Lucky Charms magical. So until then…..I’m going to go make cupcakes. 😀

My motivational indoors companion....

My motivational indoors companion….


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