Ok, so I just slacked, but they are all here….

Yeah..that just HAPPENED! Three posts in under 20 minutes. WHHHHHAAAAATTTTTT???

So much for resolutions! Well to be fair I HAVE been writing, just not posting. But it’s been busy on all counts and I wanted to get really organized for 2014. That meant archiving all the old emails, sorting the current ones, putting away the tax stuff for 2013, and wrapping up all those odds and ends that somehow manage to take so much more time than they should. OOOOOOOOh Well. It’s a good feeling not having 6 trillion and 23 emails in the inbox and being able to unsubscribe to the ones I never use as they come in. Ahhh organized chaos. Delightful.

Aside from what I can only describe as overwhelming funtastic activities on my end, the boys and have been full steam ahead in the shop. Lots of Vegas runs for parts, and LOTS AND LOTS of Bondo. I know each area gets multiple coats and we have gone through quite a few gallons of the stuff, and it doesn’t even nearly cover what was on it. I can’t even begin to fathom how much was on the body before it was stripped. WOW. Either way, it’s been a solid week of body work. Brad’s thumb muscle in his hand was actually swollen from mixing and doing it. I suggested taking a day from frosting the truck to do ANYTHING else. I was hoping that meant he would utilize the helicopter flight package I got him several months ago, but instead he opted to be productive and we put the motor and tranny in. That’s right. This bad boy now has a nice, pretty shiny accessory up front. I say just hook it up and get the rides going!

Driver side


motor install

motor install 2

In that circle is the scratch that is my fault....so it is clear I am taking full responsibility for that mar in the powder coating

In that circle is the scratch that is my fault….so it is clear I am taking full responsibility for that mar in the powder coating

motor install complete

Metal has been working on the doors. You really never appreciate the behind the scenes of a body shop. Nope, you probably didn’t give much thought to what happens when you drop off your car for a dent removal, rust repair, etc. Sanding is not fun, layers and layers of body fill (thin layers..like crepe thin) and more sanding, which is suuuuuper messy…trust me, Hulk is currently sporting his own layers and layers of Bondo. There is taping to be done, things to cover, and crevices to make sure it gets done right. Hardener, checking for any microbubbles…etc, etc. OOOOOOHHHHH weeeee. I’ll stick to eating jellybeans while I post blogs and make lunch.

mikey working

On a happy note, the truck really is cruising along. Brad has been out there pretty late all nights, which I found is easy to make him do if I just start dinner kinda late.. and there isn’t much idle down time during the day. Sure they still manage to look at things a lot and act like they are pondering deeply, but right now, I’ll take it. Sure beats Brad being in the house and the truck not getting any closer to completion!

So you can see the metallic in the coating better

So you can see the metallic in the coating better



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