New Year…Part 2

2014- Quick Trivia!

The best way to start the new year?

A-     Waking up early after the holiday and going to Vegas to get an air compressor

B-      Disconnecting the power source for the camper so there is no power, and not having the parts to make the transfer from one converter to the other.

C-      Cooking dinner in the dark, with no power, and freezing simultaneously


If you guessed D, you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. What a day. We did get a new awesome compressor, and for a moment I thought we were at a car show when we were strapping it down multiple people drove my slowly and commented to us on it. How weird is that? It’s a compressor, not a showpiece, although I do want to wrap it to make it look like an old style missile and do a Bombshell tribute on it, but that’s much down the road.

Of course, when we got home from Vegas, it was the first things that got put together and installed, never mind that I haven’t had real power in the house for a week….. that’s not important at all. So we didn’t  get to it until late. From there, trying to resolve the mass of knots and bundles of wiring, and then not having that parts. Freaking awesome. So to finish my post I’m huddled in front of the one heater and charger I can use via extension cord from the shop. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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