New Year’s Eve. Hmm being that this is my last “bad” day for at least…….one week, I figured I had better take full advantage of it. Brownies, bacon-wrapped EVERYTHING, plus chips, caramel corn, meatballs, and buffalo chicken dip. NOM NOM NOM

Aside from concocting things to gorge myself on, I spent some of my day taking pictures, interviewing potential upholstery designers/installers, and pondering what 2014 will bring. I’m not really a believer of the new year being this magical moment of change. You can see proof of that by hopping on Craigslist next week and scoring an awesome deal on a nearly brand new treadmill that someone’s 2014 was going to really utilize. Instead of intangible goals, mine are simple, well maybe not simple, but easy to lay down an obtainable plan to.  So here they go:

Blog post twice per week

Get using Facebook for the Truck and Promotion

Bitch less

Be more patient with Brad, even when I want to punch him in the face, and kick him in the patella simultaneously

Do a standing backflip

Finish things I start

Become a better business person (more bitch, less nice)

Get a giraffe (ok the last one isn’t likely, but if I aim for a giraffe, Brad might let me get another dog)

I think that is more than enough to get started!  I got 365 days ahead to get at least one of these accomplished 😀


I’m not really sure if Brad made any resolutions this year, which is fine, his resolution just needs to be getting this dang thing DONE! Yesterday was great because it made for a productive day in the shop. High morale and good spirits are much appreciated! I know everyone gets antsy and irritable when they are bored, so getting the truck back was a breath of fresh air. The worst part of the day (aside from a lunch of questionable ingredients at the new gas station restaurant) was learning we would have to the body work ourselves first, as our original plan didn’t go accordingly. Oh well. That is life.

Metal Mike set up a part of some scaffolding to hang the doors to get started. Those suckers are heavy. Both Brad and Metal grabbed one to slide onto the ladder I was in charge of moving , which was a lot of pressure for me. I hate being in position where if I screw up people’s lives are at stake…ok well maybe that is a little excessive, but their toes definitely were. Then the front doors had to be hoisted up by both of them. So much for my laundry room.

Two of Four

Two of Four

Other tasks were using the unispotter to pull out a dent in the back. Fortunately, we won’t have to use this guy much since the body doesn’t have much for actual dents. It is a pretty cool tool that spot welds a stud to the body and then you pull the dent with a slide hammer. Good times. I kinda liked the look of the studs but I was outvoted to having spikes all over the truck. No one is ever fun around here.

studs2 studs

The window mounts were measured and welded on. Mike got the chance to get out the measuring tape and flex his math brain muscle. He was thrilled, and there were a lot of yellow marks that I think got crossed out. I know he hates math, which makes me laugh, oh….I’m a horrible person. Sorry Metal for delighting in your misery. Maybe I should put that on my 2014 list….

Each tab is hand cut, drilled and ground for smoothness....that is a lot of work for these little things

Each tab is hand cut, drilled and ground for smoothness….that is a lot of work for these little things

A third of the day was spent removing the chassis from the trailer. It was a process, and one of our super awesome expensive jacks blew a seal, so that complicated things a bit. Ugh. Fortunately the guys are pretty good at most problem solving, so it wasn’t quite the event it would be for most. There has been a lot of ingenuity in this project, but it’s part of the deal.

dismount from trailer dismount from trailer 1


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