Ahhh Insomnia….the best friend I wish I didn’t have

To be absolutely fair, I probably shouldn’t complain that I never sleep. I mean, just think about all the bonus time I have to do things with the extra 4 hours of being away I get every day. Sometimes even 6. Brad likes to argue, but that on the low end is almost 1500 hours a year! You would think I might be able to accomplish more huh?

Well it’s been forever since I’ve done a post, and truthfully, as much as I enjoy writing, I was secretly glad when Dave took over the blog so that I could focus on other things. Unfortunately, a shift has occurred and I guess I’m back on what I started. What was I thinking even beginning this? Oh, that’s right, that it would be for a max of 4 months…not a year. Oh well. Life goes on, and I can squeeze a blog in here and there. Fortunately, the shop has been relatively uneventful for the past few weeks, as we are waiting on some things (as usual) so not a zillion items to report.

So here is the latest update. There might be some gaps and things missing, because well, I am sequestered in a cave doing my own thing, and for the truck aspects, I pretty much order things, keep everything in line, and get on people when it’s not….and it was bloody cold the last couple weeks so I didn’t dare leave my heater without at least 6 layers of clothing, 2 scarves, a beanie with ear flaps, (that also resembles a zebra) and gloves. That is not an exaggeration. Ok where was I…. yes. That truck. OK so it spent a few weeks getting a thorough going over to make sure EVERY tab was as in place, all the welds were cleaned up, and that all mounts were as they should be. That chassis was getting prepped for POWDERCOATING! During one Vegas adventure, we picked out the color, which HAD to be perfect, being as the behemoth chassis would more or less really stand out in a bad way if it wasn’t. I personally kept pushing for lime green (I heart all things lime) but was quickly vetoed again for the thousand and forty-eighth time. We agreed on a textured silvery, charcoaltastic color that would hide any blemishes in the welds, clean like a breeze, be extra durable, as well as aesthetically pleasing. Of course after we selected it, and AR Powdercoating ordered it, Brad stewed about it for the next few days until we went back into Vegas, where he promptly drove back to AR and viewed it again. It assuaged his worries for the most part, and we carried on. Thank God, because you have no idea what it is like when you are laying in bed almost asleep and your spouse wants your input on the color.

Besides nearly dying from the cold, dealing with frozen pipes across the desert, and being thankful we have water tanks on the motorhome, Brad still mostly has been out in the shop working on those tedious odds and ends that demand an inordinate amount of time with his perfectionism, but that are ho-hum on the day to day. Things like separating the hubs on the wheels to make a contrasting two tone (no pictures yet, as it is not completed) painting the motor block, cleaning the motor, etc. He has also been finishing up a few odds and ends projects that he had stalled on for the last while. More or less though, there has been A LOT of football watching, pacing around, and waiting anxiously for movement.

Rewind, the chassis was loaded up on a trailer and taken into Vegas. So that is why we are at a bit of a stalemate. That trip actually did go very smoothly, which was shocking knowing our general luck with trailer tires, winds, and police not being sure if they can ticket us or not. It’s not every day you see a monster truck limo going down the highway on a little trailer. Either way, we didn’t set any land speed records, (although after watching that Guinness Records show…I might write in and see what the fastest speed attempted pulling a monster truck limo on a trailer is, because I’m sure there is a record holder somewhere, and if not, it will be soon enough..) but we made it safe, accident AND ticket free. WHA-HOO. I believe they are getting started on it tomorrow! YAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Today, we did go to Vegas for some errands, which included hitting AR Powdercoating because we wanted to drop off some other parts, as well as check out the ladder. Whoa baby does that color look FABULOUS! I know Brad still held some trepidation regarding the massive color block we would be displaying with that color, but after seeing the ladder rails done, I know there is no hesitation. It looks incredible. Silvery, but dark, metallic, but not ostentatious, textured, but not like Rhino-lining. I tried to get some pictures, but it was a bit bright so when they load I will see if I can select one that shows the depth of the color. As usual, they did a great job and Tony I’m sure will be super glad to have that chassis done and out of his way soon!

What else? I feel like I’m rambling as I try to search for what adventures have transpired. I think we will be heading to Tucson on Thursday. Personally, I would rather not, but we gotta pick up the tranny and that is where it is at. It’s a good 6 hour drive….Disneyland is closer, and I doubt the tranny place is any happier than there. Oh well. Maybe it will be warm, or comfortable….at least I could nap.

The good news is that we are on the last leg of the race. I don’t know how many track runners (or previously were track runners) read this blog, but it really feels like that last burst where you increase your speed, throwing whatever you have at it. Your lungs burn, your back hurts, and you can see the finish line. It’s not easy to get there, but it’s so close. That’s where we are. There is still so much to do, but we are paces away. Thank goodness, because we need to get making some money!

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and while I am at it, and remembering. I would like to say HAPPY Birthday Naomi! I missed it the other day, and haven’t crossed paths with you since! I am truly sorry, but you and Dave have been very helpful with things, and we appreciate it! ALSO. Metal’s birthday was on the 13th sooooooooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mike! Ok Now some pictures and them I’m back to reading technical data and medical reports. Have a lovely week everyone. Happy Holidays (I am writing to the glow of hot rod shaped Christmas lights…it’s a compromise of holiday décor) Until next time!! JEN- OUT.

Didn't even flatten the tires!

Didn’t even flatten the tires!

Objects in this mirror are closer than they appear... I was just hoping he could see the back end of this thing

Objects in this mirror are closer than they appear… I was just hoping he could see the back end of this thing

The truck has arrived for powder coating!

The truck has arrived for powder coating!

I turned around and found this guy crawling across the shop floor. First tarantula I have see so far!

I turned around and found this guy crawling across the shop floor. First tarantula I have see so far!

Hulk offering his moral support

Hulk offering his moral support

What bulldogs look like with eyebrows

What bulldogs look like with eyebrows

Mounts for the Lexan window. Brad cut, drilled, and cleaned all of these by hand.. that was a few days of mundane work.

Mounts for the Lexan window. Brad cut, drilled, and cleaned all of these by hand.. that was a few days of mundane work.

Got to shoot the Barrett. Good times. I'm like an assassin with this thing. Thanks Mark

Got to shoot the Barrett. Good times. I’m like an assassin with this thing. Thanks Mark

Axle Housings all pretty!

Axle Housings all pretty!


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