It’s falling apart

After seeing the truck with the tires on. It’s looking pretty sad now. All this week we have been taking it apart. ImageWe had to pull the old windows out,so we can put some lighter weight lexan in. The ones we took out man were they heavy. The center support for the body had to be cut out. Image All the doors have been pulled off. I got the job, cleaned off the sticky black stuff on the inside of the doors. They sure ment for that stuff to stay. Brad was working on the engine bracket making a place for the alternators. It will require two alternators . One for each bank of batteries. Then he moved to the rear end and pulled it out to get it all cleaned up for the powder coater. Then he took the front axle off to do the same thing to it. Mike got the funnest job he has to weld tabs on the frame to hold the panels of lexan and floor panels. I think he will be  doing that for awhile there are a whole lot to be done.ImageMy job was windows and gunk removal.It seemed like I was never going to get all that gunk off. Doing all the little things sure takes a lot of time. ImageWell it had to get done. Its hard to balance and take pictures . Climbing around on the truck sure makes me glad I had practice on the monkey bars in grade school.ImageIts the perfect traffic salution dont you think, just go over the traffic. Well untill next time.


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