little stuff is rough

After a complete computer failure! I have made it thru. A lot of things have been done since last. The radiator has a home.the front fiberglass hood has a place to bolt to, along with the placement of the hinges cuz you gotta pop the hood.Image Also the alt. found a home. You can see they also came up with a nifty way to stabilize the motor, so there is no flexing of the front aluminum plate ,that holds the motor.ImageAfter cutting the truck for tire clearance you have to weld plating in so the body stays firm and rigid.Imagesure is a long way back,but at least you can fit enough people in to hear their screams. I wonder what the sound system will be. Louder then the screams right. Okay nuff being goofy.ImageThis is the nifty idea.Its  the coolest way I’ve ever seen to stabilize the motor. Back in the day we just used a piece of chain. The neat part is you can adjust the rods to even out the motor and take the pressure off the aluminum plate on the front of the motor. ImageHalf the drive line found its placement. This one comes from the tansfercase to the back.ImageThe rear wheel wells are nice and reinforced, don’t want anything cracking when the truck bounces over anything!ImageLast but not least the shifter, has it own place to be. I am beginning to notice that a lot of things are built right into the frame work! Making everything actually really, really, strong in its placement.  Well I am done with this report. TTFN


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