Little stormy

So sorry I haven’t posted anything but the storms took out my satellite. But low and behold I am up and running, so lets catch up. A lot of the time has been on the front end. With a break to finish off the battery boxes. There will be a total of twelve batteries 2 banks of six. They are going to run the A/C , rear entry stairs, and steering. They found a new powder coater. So soon we will have new shiny rims for the truck and when ready. We have someone to do the frame which will have to be trucked out on a flat bed. Mike is working on making the pieces for the floor board. He makes templates out of card board then cuts the pieces out of steel, and walla the drivers area has a new floor. Its been a little discouraging having to fight with people to get things on time. As usual it turns out easier to go fetch the it is to wait till whenever. Here’s the latest collection of pics. See ya next time….ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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