Times a ticking

The rear shock mounts have been made and the heavy duty bump stops  are now manufactured and installed  and all lined up along with the rear section of roll bar. Time is ticking by and with each minute that passes more and more of the little mounts are getting done. Like the power steering ressivior is in, and now its off to the front. Gotta make the mounts, and then, get them all lined up for the front shocks. I do hope the new powder guy, is better then the last one. No one really enjoyed the performance of the last guy and I do mean no one!!!! Sure will be cool to see it with the rims and tires on. But all in all its a massive beast that you just want to hop in and run something over!!!!! and as usual here’s the picsImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImagesorry I had a pic misshap those two got boo-booed. Have a good day untill next time Do it all Dave is outta here.


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