Total waste

After a long time waiting. The stuff came back from the powder coater. It was a real yucky job. Had to find another company to fix the mess up, so no shiny rims for the tires and one really pissed off Brad. People should back up what they say and do. It’s like people have forgotten how to back their work, and the true meaning of the handshake. While Brad had the joyous time trying to get quality work. Mike kept on truckin. The rear shocks are in and the front is well on its way. The transfer case has a new and happy home. Ever thing lines up so pretty.This is going to be one cool and tough ride. I had high hopes to show you all the tires and rims, but I’m afraid not today. hears the pics I do have. Take care all and have monster truck dreams soon they could come true.ImageImageImage


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