Breakout the tape

Not a whole lot of visuals but Metal Mike has tape measure in hand. Keeping with the whole tubular theme. Mike came up with away to make a transfer case mount for the truck . Using the pipe bender he bent a horse shoe that the mount bracket can be welded too. It’s important to the guys to stay with the clean lines the tube frame work offers. Gotta have the form and function it is a limo isn’t it. There was a lucky thing, pop up. one of the yolks from the differential fit perfect on the transfer case. They wont have to make any, just order a few more. Sad part is you all ways have to wait for delivery. When I left Metal Mike he was bending a roll bar, to use it to measure. Where the upper shock mounts go so he can bend that bar around the mounts. I have had people keep saying is it done yet! How long,Hurry up. Well all I have to say is when its done its done! The stuff is still at the powder guy. I heard now maybe Saturday, they will be done. Cant wait to see how the rims came out. Here’s some pics I took today. See ya all next time!!!!ImageImageImageImage


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