oooo boxes

Its a lot like Christmas when boxes finally start to arrive . After the tires showed up another truck brought in the transfer case and all 8 massive shocks. The shocks are a two stage system. Stage one has an adjustable valve, to control the comfort of the ride and is pressurized by nitrogen. Stage 2 is also nitrogen charged but has a set pressure. There are 2 shocks per tire. Stage one goes on the out side and stage two goes on the inside. The transfer case was made out of a solid billet aluminum and instead of a chain drive ours has a steel gear driven system witch is way stronger then the chain driven type. All the hydraulics had to be removed along with the gas tank. Metal Mike has spent this week welding more tabs for the frame panels and cutting out the panels for the frame and the stairs. Now he’s working on the shock mount brackets. I am told that on Wednesday all the stuff that got sent to the powder coater will return all shiny new. Then they have to get those huge tires mounted on the rims. That’s gonna be quite the chore (there isn’t any tire machine) so the mounting will be done by hand. Hope they don’t scratch the paint. One thing about all the parts for the truck everything is so big and heavy. You have to put your purse down to pick anything up and definitely need to lift with all your legs. I was walking by one of the rims and had an urge to see how heavy they were. After some grunting I got one off the ground. That’s when I decided they don’t need to be picked up by me any more. As I was looking at the tires I was taken back to the time when we would roll down a hill in a tractor tire. I think these are a lot more roomy for that type of insane ride. Don’t think I would survive. So for now its a lot of welding and grinding. Making mounts for the transfer case and all 8 of the shock mount brackets. Sure will be nice to see the stuff that comes back from the powder coating. Have fun till next time. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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