Perfect Square

After the guys returned from a Vegas run. They had to take and cut the 1/4 inch polished aluminum diamond plate. They got three sheets 4 x 8 ft.  and had to cut the floor and stairs out of them. It takes time and patience to cut all that by hand, so there’s a lot  of self pride involved. After they got all the pieces cut, it was time to see if they will fit. That’s when after all the pieces fit perfectly . Because the frame was welded so straight. Thats when you just have to smile with pride, 32 feet of frame, and there wasn’t even a 1/32 inch gap. All the floor pieces laid down perfectly. The metal tabs have been useful in securing the floor panels and stair plates.(what a multi use those tabs have become) The rear axle had to be removed so they could fit in the frame, to weld mounting brackets for the gas tank. Then the gas tank went in. One down one to go.  Then the next task at hand was to fabricate the instrument box. Once again those tabs came in handy. Everything has a very clean and straight look . Just goes to say there’s nothing better then the perfect square! The tires came in Sunday. They are so big, I sure would’nt want to have to change one by myself. Thetires are 66 inch tall 43 wide and 25 on the rim and when you go to pick one up be prepared for 500 pounds Image as all ways here’s some pics of things………ImageImageImageImageImageImage


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