I remembered my camera and ran down to

I remembered my camera and ran down to the shop to take pictures of things. It was strange to find no one there. The guys had to run to Vegas to get more stuff for the truck. A lot of times having to go get things can be a real day draining adventure. If we had to wait for shipping the whole project would still be a drawing on a piece of paper. The hydraulics got bled on the stairs so they are operating smoothly. Now its time for the mad dash to get all the parts done for the front and rear end. I did get a pic of those tabs I talked about in my last entry. They actually came in handy for mounting other things, like the gauges and the box of toggle switches that will control all the lights and gadgets. The neat and clean look really makes a big difference. So lets give Brad a good cheer for such another bright idea. Yea!!!!! Mike has been kept constantly busy. He has been cutting and chopping metal to make the front end brackets, trying to get things in place. So once it is all together we can take it all apart to send it all to get powder coated. Like I said no one was around so I just took pics of things I noticed that got done. I am sure when I go down on saturday I will see a whole lot that I missed. It seems every time I look at the truck, there is all ways things done that I did’nt see or just missed, so I guess I need to spend more time down there. That way I dont miss so much. I do think that the job being done is awsome and just down right incredible.One moment a pile of pipe and the next moment BAM pure coolness. Should’nt we all have a monster truck in our garages for the real bad traffic days. Sure would give car crushing a new meaning. OkayImage then see ya next time and as allways I will leave you with pics.ImageImageImageImageImage


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