More progress

Friday was a busy day welding the rims. Brad came up with a new way to add an extra ring to the out side of the rim to strengthen the rim. Also allows the rims to be universal that way they can be used on either Rockwell or Clark planetary axles.They also got the fender wells cut out so the tire would fit. Then the time consuming of measuring for the fit of the shocks.The gas tanks have arrived so now brackets have to be made once they decide where they will go.Had to run into Las Vegas to get a sheet of steel to cut out and fashion the shock mounts. Mike stayed busy cutting out the pieces to make a bracket for the hydraulic ram that will open and close the rear loading door. There will be one on each side of the door. With the temps reaching 117 degrees the shop just got to hot, so we decided to look into a rare find, a 1967 Shelby Mustang. We saw it on craigslist we had hoped it was a real deal. So off to yucca az we went but the address the guy gave us was an empty house for sell. He wanted  us to make  deposit in his account to hold it for us. I guess he thought we would be that foolish.It really is sad that people try that stuff. There should be a group of people to look into idiots that want to make a quick buck. Going there to find nothing kinda ruined the mood so it was back to the inferno of the shop. Brad got to do the fun stuff like call again to ask where our order is. The new bender is set up and so far has decided to function properly, which is nice when things work like they are supposed to. Here’s some more photos of our progress. With the tire in place it sure gives a person a better perspective on the final product.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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