So Glad Monday is OVER!

It really must be Monday. NOT a good way to start the week. I was ready for a great week, an AWESOME week, but nay nay, the gods are not favoring me. My genius idea to hit up breakfast in Chloride backfired, when we drove an hour to get there only to find out that during the week they open at 11. It was 7….too hungry to wait. I was for sure that I wouldn’t hear the end of how terrible my idea was and what a waste. (rarely do I make suggestions like this, but since our weekend was eaten up with work stuff and selling ambulances…why not?) Instead of pouting and heading home, we shot off to Kingman, for a decent breakfast, and some errands. The Bronco doesn’t have AC so that was pretty awesome. Not only do I feel abhorrently disgusting when I sweat profusely, but I feel like my gender gets questioned when I walk around with dark spots on my back. GROSS. So anyway, now that you no longer hold any feminine ideas towards me….we did score a mockup tranny for the purpose of measurements and placement in the truck. Found an old scrapyard that spans forever! I wish I would have had more time, and better shoes, (thin flip flops are NOT for walking through death weeds) because I have some of my own projects in mind and could have probably founds some stuff there. Oh well. Next time.

Junkyard nostalgia

Junkyard nostalgia

The day so far has not gotten better. I received a super friendly rejection notice from a potential sponsor that I had a lot of time invested in. It wouldn’t be so bad, aside from the BS reasons they give. If you don’t like my truck, tell me. If you don’t like my proposal, tell me. If you don’t like me, just say it. Don’t make up some fluff excuse so that you don’t sound rude. I would rather have something constructive to work with. ARGH.
THEN, we got back home and it’s blowing like a hurricane. Did I mention how much I love sand in my eyes? No? Well I do. LOVE IT. Grit in the teeth, irritation- paradise. People wonder why we are doing an enclosed truck…well spend a week out here and see just how much it’s perfectly calm and slightly warm in temperature. You won’t ask again.
AND….it gets better. I spent the last half hour on the phone dealing with our MIA replacement for our already ruined bender. Wonderful. We got a replacement on the way, and instead of directly shipping to us like they were supposed to, they shipped it to the company we ordered from, who I’m guessing just discovered that today, because they will get it out today. Hmm. So maybe our replacement, functioning bender will be here by next month. Does anyone on this freaking planet care that we have deadlines? I mean, we had to PAY for the replacement and wait until the other is returned for the refund…yet in the mean time I have no way to bend? Hmm. CRAP.
UGH it’s only 2. That means there is still ample time for more stuff to go wrong. Grand. Oh. As promised I will update you on last week too, because, well I suck and I didn’t do it last week. (I really need to get Brad his own laptop so that he doesn’t just take mine all the time to fill his Craigslist addiction)
If it seems like we constantly buy stuff…it’s because we kiiiiiiinda do. Newest in the collection is another ambulance (boring) and a SUPER AWESOME FANTABULOUS 4×4 Firetruck. This thing is huge, it’s yellow, and it’s the biggest squirt gun on the market. Forget you Super Soaker 2000!!!! I got PSI, a big tank, and super firefighting nozzles! So far it has actually come in quite handy! On Friday, Brad and Metal watered down the temporary pad for the helicopters coming in to check out the facility and the truck. I missed most of it being so productive in here, but hey. Helicopters out here means more business! Plus they are cool so that could be amusing.


Playing around with the

Playing around with the truck

Metal watering the temporary helichopter pad.

Metal watering the temporary helichopter pad.

Boys never grow up

Boys never grow up

What else? Logging lots of river time. Tried Free Fishing Day….with ZERO success. Hulk enjoyed it though. Metal bought a new truck, which sucks because I wanted a little run around vehicular so that I could go gallivant on 20+ mpg….but NO, Mikey bought it. Dang him. Oh well. He loves it and so I guess I will deal.
Alright, well, if anyone knows any sponsors who are just dying to sponsor the coolest monster truck –EVER- send em my way. 😀 Happy Monday Everyone!!!! (although now it’s Tuesday because Brad hogged the computer when I was needing to post)


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