TGIF! It’s been a busy week here at Big Toyz Racing. Between fabricating, marketing, general adventures, and new internet, and running into Vegas a millions times (none of which allotted me ANY grocery shopping) it has just been hectic.
Summer is here. I keep trying to find a ginormous old school (sorry skool just looks wrong) thermometer so I can snap a picture every day of the build to show you just how ridiculous the heat is here. Don’t get me wrong, I love the heat (except when I am trying to exercise or sleep…then not so much on the appreciation level) BUT here is the good news! Phil at Expert Air in Las Vegas hooked us up with a industrial-sized swamp cooler for the shop, which makes the temperature a thousand percent more tolerable. Although on the flip side it does make the shop a tad humid , but hey if it keeps the guys from dying, I’m all for it. I might be well rounded in my skill set, but I seriously doubt I could finish up the truck on my own. So thank you Phil, you saved the truck, my husband, Metal, and my sanity. (who wants to listen to guys incessantly whine about how hot it is? What babies)

Phil and Brad at Expert Air Las Vegas getting the swamp cooler loaded

Phil and Brad at Expert Air Las Vegas getting the swamp cooler loaded

The cooler came just in time for the summer to actually hit. It was a little slower this year to fully take off, but I don’t see anything under 100 for the next 10 days. Looking at 106 for most of the week. As you can see, Hulk really loves the AC. We should have asked Phil to reinforce the bottom, because our fat little bulldog literally has made himself quite comfortable inside. Not only is it funny that he sites and blocks a good portion of the air with his portly self, but his ears twirl like pinwheels while he does it. It’s pretty freaking hilarious, even if you hate my dog stories. 😉

Staying Cool

Staying Cool

Now that they have AC, there are less excuses for non-productivity. I’m not sure if they thought that one through. 😉 However, with the mockup motor in place (top to bottom) they were able to begin to build the structure that surrounds it. It’s going to be great because there is still ample spacing around the engine to work on it, which as anyone who has worked on cars knows, it always appreciated! (that’s why they charge to much to work on those foreign cars-unless you have tiny hands, usually everything has to come out.)
Our new driver’s seat also made an appearance, which allowed the guys to finish completing the mounts for it. It will sit center in the truck, just like a race truck to add to the effect, in addition to giving you the best overall visibility of your driving (with of course the assistance of cameras) Any drivers that read this will know why….I couldn’t ever see anything in my truck, aside from the tiny gap between my wheel well and tires, so cameras for the rear will be helpful.


Every Day is like Christmas..I actually forget what is coming in the mail

Every Day is like Christmas..I actually forget what is coming in the mail

Seat mount and driver's seat

Seat mount and driver’s seat

I think I might have mentioned this before as well, but I want to reiterate again to anyone joining us. You might be wondering why we don’t elaborate on brands, or reviews on products on this blog, and why I edit out branded logos. From a professional standpoint, there are several reasons, but the biggest would be providing free marketing for a product that has no sponsored us, which would take away from future sponsors that get highlighted on the blog. It wouldn’t be fair that companies get promotional marketing for free, while others are paying, whether in product or monetary contribution. Simple enough.
Metal did manage to create the first injury of the year, and was quite upset the it gashed his funny car tattoo. Hopefully it heals up and looks better than fiberglass patches on the real thing. It also reminded me I need to get a first aid kit. Ironically, we used to own literally a dozen kits, containing everything to knock you out, stitch you up, and even get rid of poison ivy. Never used them once. Fortunately the restaurant had some butterflies and a miscellaneous assortment of adhesive and pads. Way to go Metal. I think I might see about a rattlesnake kit while I am shopping for them.


Poor Funny Car. Brad held the ice cream while we got it together

Poor Funny Car. Brad held the ice cream while we got it together

This week has been a few river runs as well. Nothing beats the heat like winding down the day in the freezing cold Colorado River. Forget having a beer, just give me that river! Hulk is pretty clean because of it (thank goodness)
Tires have been a hiccup and the bane of my life (that and leaving voicemails-seriously call me back people) China was originally in the works, but due to time constraints and minimum orders, it just might not happen. UGH. I’ve been shopping around domestically, but it is tough to locate what we want, and there is no Amazon Prime for these bad boys. If only I had a genie right now…..
Well I will save our new vehicle adventures for tomorrow, as I have a ton to do before wrapping up today. Let me assure you it’s gonna be good 😀
Also for those of you joining us and are unaware of our site, check us out at
I will start updating the blog pictures on there as well. Also coming up we will be running a vote on artwork for the truck. Don’t miss it!
PS…it’s clear skies and hovering at 105…… ac never felt so good!



  1. so whats the tickets going to run I have people wondering and im trying to get them to turn it into a vacation idea

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