We may…or may not have bought a boat. Ok so we did- and it is awesome. The last morning I posted about we were running errands in Vegas. Then mid-day we headed the opposite direction to Phoenix. People think it’s crazy what we do, but really, what is the big deal with a cross state road trip? Isn’t that why we have internet- so we can find stuff in other places and go buy it? Besides, when you get back from errands mid-day, do you really have the motivation to start working again? Not so much.

What we were really after was the motor. Unfortunately, when we sold our boat, we didn’t think about the motor being perfect for the ride truck. Of course it has to be a big block, aluminum heads, and most importantly FORD. None of that other crap. FORD in FORD only. Sorry if we just lost half our audience, but hey, you would probably understand if you saw Brad’s fleet of vehicles.

Hulkster was more than happy to accompany us on our motor seeking gallivanting journey, and snored loudly in the back seat of the Vanborghini. I tried to get work done, but the reception through most of the desert is worthless, so only bits and pieces can get accomplished. We made it in good time to Surprise (Phoenix suburb) and located, purchased, and hooked up to the boat, and away we went, stopping only for a quick bite. (which was not Taco Bell as we intended…only the drive through was open and Brad didn’t let in to my attempts at coaxing taking the boat through)


Thursday was of course play with the boat day- not in my sense of play, but in the make adjustments here, tweak there, test this, tighten that, etc.  FINALLY at the end of the day we all went out and hit the river (no Hulk- he tries to bite the spray) It ran like a champ. Sure as heck was much nicer to ride in than our previous boat (it had a race hull that really like to only run happily on glass). I didn’t fear for my life, nor pray for the survival of my kidneys as Brad pushed it full speed and it actually was impressive at just wanting to stay in the choppy water. (Go figure, let’s go test a jet boat in 60 mph winds…whahoo) The motor is super torquey and makes awesome power. It’s a 460 weighing in around 525hp and 600ft lb torque, running on pump gas. Edelbrock aluminum heads and a few other goodies, with plenty of add-ons and adjustments to come, but definitely a great start!




Friday the guys stayed in the shop and busted their tails on the interior roll cage and finishing edges on the cut areas to keep them smooth and professional looking. You can see in the images the ribbing of the cage and where it comes together up top. Also I took some shots of the flooring. The cut-away down the middle is to drop the floor enough for people to be able to walk in more comfortably. It’s a tad hard to load up when people are crawling on their hands and knees , not to mention awkward and ridiculous. So by lowering the main area down about 16” it will make the interior height more functional.


Floor Cut Out for Recessed Walkway


Rare shot- BOTH working at the same time

Rare shot- BOTH working at the same time


Also on Friday, the wheels showed up for the truck! YAY. We also went ahead and ordered dual center rims, which not only look awesome (we had them on our race trucks) but are multifunctional so on side will match the bolt patter for a Rockwell axle and the other side will fit a Clarke. Not that we have any intention of switching axles, but in case we ever sell wheels or end up in a situation where a Clarke bolt pattern is needed (which has actually happened before), we will be prepared. The rims will get welded later on, which is a special technique process that I will elaborate upon at that juncture.

For some quick info- each rim is made from 1152 sq. in. 3/8” steel and measures 25”X32”. Each wheel weighs 187.5 lbs. 22’s? Old hat….25’s, that’s where its happenin- although on second though I don’t think you Escalade will appreciate an additional 780lbs on it. 😉


Saturday: hmmm I know we did something. I cleaned. I tried to coax Brad into going out for breakfast because I had no desire to cook another boring breakfast of the usual, but no, back to the stove. Smoked salmon benedict- tell me shop workers…what does your boss make you for breakfast? You might get luck for a breakfast burrito off the dollar menu. (which is delicious, I’m not knocking it at all) I still wish they liked pancakes or French toast, crepes, actually anything that doesn’t require me just reconfiguring which meat and where it goes, and how the eggs get cooked. Whatever.

Seats, that is what they did on Saturday. We do have some seats already (if you follow the blog, you would know that) and so they set them at different heights in order to determine the dimensions on constructing the mounts (which if you haven’t already guessed are probably going to be overkill…maybe that is what we should rename the truck….Overkill) Anyway, Metal climbed up into the truck and tested them out, rearranging and adding “shims” as needed to find the ideal sitting position. Not so high that tall people won’t fit, but not so low that you have to climb out of your seat.  Ironically enough, Brad is 5’9 and Metal is 5’6 so I’m not sure how they figure they calculated tall people sitting in them…but I won’t burst their bubble.


Sunday was the day off, and someone forgot about the holiday weekend, so back to work-ish today. Naomi and Dave came to visit (yay!!) and all 5 of us ended up on a whirlwind adventure of danger, excitement, and traffic at every corner. First was lunch…oh yeah. Priorities. I meant to snap a few shots but if I wanted to get out of the table I had to put my bum in the people sitting next to us’s faces….which I prefer only to do when they aren’t eating…. After lunch we thought we were going to be doing a quick drive around the corner to look at a motor, but no, no, we had to go to the nether reaches of Las Vegas, literally the further point on the map from where we started. But a motor is a motor, and we needed a motor for cheap. With the nice motor already in possession, the idea is to get a “dummy” motor to enable the mockups for the truck. (measuring, fabricating, etc) The dummy motor is also a 460, and we can scratch it, dent it, ding it, etc if we want to and no harm no foul. Much better than taking the expensive motor and sticking it in and out of the truck. Genius? Possibly. Shh don’t tell Brad. It might go to his head.

New motor in tow, next stop- Lowes to pick up a new chop saw. I have never seen so many broken tools in my life. I think Brad and Metal are doing it intentionally so they can just have a shop of the latest and greatest. Oy vey! Silly boys. So one motor, one chop saw, and full tummies later we head back. It was a very pleasant Vegas trip, which doesn’t happen often, and traffic really was remarkably light in the directions we headed. Glad we aren’t out tonight! YUCK for any of you driving home! Watch out for drunk boaters, BBQ goers, and people from out of state (you know everyone from outside your state drives terrible- here it’s the Californians)

To everyone else, shoot us your questions, or if you want more info on something send it our way, and enjoy the last delightful hours of your waning holiday weekend, before you are forced back into your cubicle of slavery! CIAO!


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