I know I know

I’m sure most of you think we eat, breathe, sleep monster trucks, which is kinda true, but at least it is more excitement than most people see in their work week.  However, there are still times where we get burnt out, and need a change of scenery. Sunday, was one of those days. Sure, we run errands every so often, but the inside of stores all look the same and blur together. Monotony has never been my friend. Repetition, not so much. So Sunday morning, when we woke up way too early (my super foil on the windows plan failed) I needed to go somewhere-anywhere. Just no monster trucks for one day. Of course I knew that was impossible, because let’s face it, it’s our life right now. Whether it be sponsors, orders, emails, parts, equipment, or future plans, it all comes back to the truck. It’s such a good thing that I am not a girlie girl, otherwise I would loathe every moment of my existence.

The adventure kicked off in the Vanborghini , heading towards local ghost town Chloride. Never been, seemed like a great idea. Granted, most ghost towns are just remnants of oldish looking buildings that just sell a bunch of the same crap. Nothing like a shirt with some stupid cats on them that says “Chloride” or “insert your town here” because marmalade kitties truly represent the town…. But for the sake of it, we went, and it actually is pretty cool. There is a town of residents surrounding it, which most times, would be ridiculously ironic for an abandoned “ghost town” but in the case of Chloride it helps add to the eclectic appeal. You know the one guy that every neighborhood that has a bunch of rusty “art” in his yard? Those always look tacky and awful, because next to a nicely manicured lawn with shrubs and flowering trees, it pretty much looks like hillbilly heaven…aka scrap pile. In Chloride, it actually works. People have dilapidated cars rusting away in every corner of their property, colorful glass bottle necks wrap around the barb wire fence, and the welding and sautering of pots, pans, and recycled junk, turns into a community theme that actually is awesome. It doesn’t look like trash. Mingled with the desert background, it provides and amusing backdrop for this tiny place out in nowhere. I even looked at property for sale.

Being that we ate breakfast just before we came up, we didn’t stop and eat, nor did we take the time to meander the antique shops and gift stores. We did drive up to the murals up on the dirt road, but not really our thing. After a thorough cruise through “town” we headed back down the hill towards the next mission.

Lake Mohave- We could never figure out how to get to the lake. On the jet skis we just take off from Willow Beach and ride down, but during the summer it is always packed. Alas, the roads that go in suck. Miles and miles of bumpy off-road type terrain that will give any adult shaken baby syndrome. UGH. However, we would not let it detour us. Brad just hit the gas to go faster. When it doubt…..more speed is usually the best answer. We found the lake, enjoyed it not being freezing, and once we got hungry (because I said let’s pack a picnic, and he said, umm that’s dumb) we took off and made our way towards home. Side note: uphill climbs +miles+impatient Brad+van+offroad terrain=overheated motors. We were almost to the top of the “mountain” when the van could go no more. Water was no where to be found, and for a cherry on top and some sprinkles, no cell, no water, no food. It’s a hundred degrees, we are starving, and broke down on a road we may not see another person on for days. Fabulous.

The good news- after climbing up to the top of a peak, and still not having reception, we were able to coast back down all the way to the lake, where we would have plenty of water. Come to find out that the fitting was broke and therefore the water all dumped out. Apparently shaking it through the zillion vibrations of 55 on bumpy roads, just doesn’t cut it. Brad calls it “faulty manufacturing” I call it, “duh, you drove it on an offroad course in the desert”. While I had run the idea by Brad of running it in the Baja 1000, I didn’t actually think it could. Oh well. We spent several hours by the water, were able to call Metal, who saved our tails, got a little sunburnt, but Hulk got to swim to his heart’s content. What a great day!

Lesson learned- always pack a picnic


Monday: Umm so I don’t know if the truck will ever get done. It seems like there are always side projects that pop up. For example. Monday, the gun guys needed a mount fabricated to a military jeep so that people could shoot an M2 .50 cal machine gun out of it. Of course, the guys used DOM tubing (because we have a nice little stash of it) and set it up so the gun could sweep side to side just enough to get some motion, but not shoot to the sidelines, as well as up and down movement with a safety lock so it can be set for no movement. Basically the mount would provide a stable way (and unique) to shoot the gun, without the possibility of kickback shooting up and knocking their teeth out (yes it has been done- never underestimate people)

Tuesday: I don’t think they did anything. I swear. I go outside and they are either talking about it, or doing the exact same thing as where I left them. It’s a wonder anything gets done on it. If I had more time, I would try the slave driver role, but fortunately for them, I have zero time to go try and tell them what to do. (not that they would listen, anyway)

More fabrication of the driver’s cage. The initial hoop took a bit of configuring because the bends are calculated individually. Fitment needs to be precise, and while the hoops mirror on each side, each of the three bends per side have to match the inside of the truck, perfectly. We don’t have a magic laser that just figures it out.  Fortunately, all this extra time will pay off because it is likely we will never have to do another thing to the frame and roll cage once it is completed. Also, side note….we don’t plan on rolling it, but you always gotta have the “just in case” mentality.

Today is errands day. I’m out of the basics, more alkaline water for the shop (I got Brad hooked on it last year, which is too funny) and welding supplies. Whahoo for grocery shopping and Brad rolling his eyes as I throw kale and mung bean sprouts in the cart.

Tomorrow we might just have a motor!!! Stayed tuned for the excitement!

IMG_1021[1] IMG_1024[1] IMG_1018[1] IMAG5299


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