Pardon the Plus Signs

Ignore any typos (that aren’t the kind I normally have) or plus signs that might appear. I’m working on the laptop out in the shop for a change of scenery and to hopefully better describe what it really is that the guys do during the day. So I’m in the back seat of a bronco, which Hulk helped himself in too and thinks the number side of my keyboard is a head rest. Bulldog heads are freakin heavy.

I woke up to Powerball players ready to get their tickets. The Las Vegas players lined up out here at 6am and have only continued to increase! REALLY wish the truck was done. We would have been able to retire after today’s traffic. Oh well. To anyone who plays lotto, make sure you got your tickets. I would wish you good luck, but if I do that then you might win, and realistically, I’m kinda banking on my success over yours. However, for the sake of karma – good luck (and if you win, you better send me some money for using my good luck on you)

The word of the day is perfectionism. Brad is a perfectionist. If it isn’t AWESOME it isn’t good enough. This applies in all aspects, of what he does. Sure, something might be good, but is there something better that can be done? Yes. Ok well then do it.  Over the last couple days the front end of the truck is beginning to come together. The driver’s area roll cage is getting bent up, metal has been cut and pulled away from the body, and with each step it gets closer. Anyone who has seen a racing monster truck up close has seen how driver’s get it. They actually crawl up the frame, from the underside of the truck, in a small gap between the body and the frame. The Sin City Hustler is being constructed in as many ways possible as a race truck would. So instead of the driver climbing in a side door, they have cutaway portions of the floor along the sides between the frame and the chassis to get in. I really doubt when the truck is operating constantly either of our drivers will be in and out a lot. (Brad’s not one for extra movement, and Mike creaks and makes a lot of noise when he does….so it is more for looks)

The perfectionism part of this is, instead of just sawing off the metal and leaving it like most people would, Brad started with the plasma cutter and cut it all off. Then he used a saw to trim it closer and more precisely, and then he used a grinder to take off any sharp edges and smooth it completely. It is actually pretty awesome. It is clean, no risk of odd cuts from jagged edges, and while it isn’t that big of a deal, it does contribute overall to the professionalism that this truck is being built with. If it isn’t perfect it won’t be on this truck.

Overall, the idea is to create a machine that looks like it could have been manufactured in a factory (but better). Clean edges, impeccably fitted parts, and overkill on the parts for safety, durability, and aesthetics. Not only does this make an overall better presentation of the monster truck, but from a business standpoint (which is also what this is) it represents our company and what we stand for. It’s a great ideal to have, but there is also a reason we don’t have a “budget” per se, because “budget” is what is needed is what the budget is. If we need money for something additional then we figure it out.  (It means I stay away from Whole Foods for a few months). Doing things right the first time, saves time, money, and aggravation later.

Other awesome news was that we got a video of the motor Dyno, which was awesome. I will be posting it after I make some edits (shop guys have potty mouths) and compress the file size. For now, I’ll keep it to that since I don’t have the video to display yet. But it’s just one more thing to check off the list!

Tomorrow: T-shirt winner, Sunday grand adventures, and whatever the guys do for Monday


Close up of the side between body and chassis

Close up of the side between body and chassis

First loop in the driver's cage

First loop in the driver’s cage


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