Another day in paradise

and by paradise, I actually mean Lucipher’s eternal pits of despair. While it was about 8 degrees cooler today, it seemed a bit humid, which sucks when you are cleaning out the inside of Bronco that probably hasn’t been cleaned since it was made in 66. Not only that but the wind was blowing around my cleaning spray so I am coated in grossness, and probably shine like new. Yuck Yuck Yuck, but instead of immediately getting to enjoy a delightfully refreshing shower, I’m stuck blogging about how much I want a shower. ironic huh?

So here is the day. This morning, despite the mini hurricane outside, I still did my laps around the back. People think I do this early to avoid the heat, not so much. I do it early because I’m afraid if people see me they will assume I am crazy. You see, I rehearse the tentative cold calls I have lined up for the day, so to anyone who watches, I am out there having full conversations with myself, arms a waving, and I look nuts. Normally, I would do this in the comfort and privacy of inside my living area, however, seeing as I am trying to move a little during the day, now I don’t waste time doing it while accomplishing nothing in the morning! See how ingenious I am? Actually, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE one of those treadmills with the built in desk. I would call people all day long on that thing. “How are you doing today sir?, Me I’m great, burned 18000 calories since my first call this morning, and I’m only sweating profusely” Wouldn’t that be awesome? Brad thinks it’s stupid…so I guess for now, no treadmill. I pondered on hooking the Versaclimber up to some sort of desk contraption, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t even make it through one call on it. “We…….are…….building…….the…….world’s…….largest……………………….monster……………………………………………………….truck” Insert heavy breathing in all of those spaces. Yeah, not so much.

That was way more than I wanted to divulge about my secret techniques. Oh well. I don’t get embarrassed too often. Brad and Metal jumped right in to the body to frame merger. Yep, merger. That sounds so much more business-like than marrying the frame and body, or welding it. Merger. Next we’ll “go public”, and pee outside. OK wow….I think the heat has officially melted my brain. Onward ho! The alignment of the chassis in relation to the mounting locations on the frame worked smoothly. They did hack out the front end of the truck, well nicely cut is more accurate. The removal will allow us to make it more like a race truck with the see through Lexan, which will also give the driver the ability to see motor action and any possible issues. And besides aesthetics, the next step is building the internal cage, starting with the driver’s area.

Another truckload of metal showed up. This time it was our 1 1/4″ DOM tubing, which is for the seat mounts, tunnel supports, plexiglass, etc. Brad refuses to use anything but tubing with his all other tube chassis. No mix and match or cheap shortcuts here. Did I say he is expensive? I got him back by buying 100 bucks worth of fruits and veggies at the market, so HA! Really the only way that screws him is when he is trying to get a drink of our fridge, and having to dodge the bok choy and kale to get to a soda.

I really feel like more got done, but when you put it on e-paper it just doesn’t come out to much. Nothing real technical or new today, but I did snap a shot with one of our broncos next to the truck (which is sitting on blocks right now, like its tires got jacked-I’d love to see that heist)  and it looks pretty monstrous.

OOHHHHHHHH. I know what I forgot! If you aren’t already on our FB page, get there. We are doing a shirt giveaway. Post a caption for the picture and get your friends to “like” it. The caption with the most “likes” by Sunday evening will win a T-shirt. Sorry everyone, they aren’t the new truck shirts -yet. Those will be right around the corner!

SO is our link. Get there. Win a cool shirt. Be awesome. Happy almost Friday.

Underside, side rail

Underside, side rail

Driver's area

Driver’s area



And it still has a few feet taller to go!

And it still has a few feet taller to go!



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