Because sometimes a 8 hour trip just seems like a great idea

I’ve been busy trying to get the website up and make adjustments since, so my time in the shop for pictures has been a bit sparse. However, on Wednesday, shortly after I made my way up to the front to work in quicker internet, Brad came huffing in, more than irritated. Not that it means much, because it could have just been somebody didn’t wipe down a tool before putting it back. He kicked me out of my seat and began to search for a new welder. Ah Crap. We haven’t even put much time on the other one. OY! Why? it’s ALWAYS something, and in our case, it’s always something expensive. It’s never just a bolt, or a saw, nope. And he whines about the 2 times I get my hair done a year.

Several calls and websites later, Dave from Praxair in Las Vegas, was suuuuuuuper helpful and managed to track down the specific welder Brad wanted. The bad thing was, it was in Flagstaff, which is about 3 hours away. For us, that really isn’t a big deal. We drive all over for anything, but it was just another inconvenience to deal with. Secretly, I think the guys were glad to break up the monotony and get out of the shop for a day. There has been way too much welding and cutting, for even me, and I only have to write about it.

8 hrs and 3000 dollars later, they made it back and gave it a test run. The welds laid down smooth and it put the previous unit to shame. Brad was almost disappointed it didn’t go out earlier, little does he know if it had gone out earlier, I probably would have had time to buy a replacement circuit board for 500 bucks and he would have been cruising along on the same one. Oh well. The new one looks pretty cool too.


Now that the welder is even more efficient, they have been burning through and getting the welding nearly finished on the chassis (the full welding, not just the tacks) The other project delved into is welding the 4 link tabs onto the axles as well as the axle truss. Below are some pictures that show what each is.  For those of you not familiar with 4-link suspension, the basic explanation of multi link suspensions provided by Wikipedia is ”

A multi-link suspension is a type of vehicle suspension design typically used in independent suspensions, using three or more lateral arms, and one or more longitudinal arms.[citation needed] A wider definition considers any independent suspensions having 3 control arms or more multi-link suspensions. [1] These arms do not have to be of equal length, and may be angled away from their ‘obvious’ direction.
Typically each arm has a spherical joint (ball joint) or rubber bushing at each end. Consequently they react to loads along their own length, in tension and compression, but not in bending. Some multi-links do use a trailing arm or wishbone, which has two bushings at one end.
On a front suspension one of the lateral arms is replaced by the tie-rod, which connects the rack or steering box to the wheel hub.”

For a more thorough and specific definition check this link out. It is very interesting if you want to know more technical info:

IMAG5203 IMAG5205

So now that you are proficient on 4-link suspension, let’s move on. in the pictures you can find the upper and lower tabs. You will also note the axle truss along the bottom. More than likely this is extreme overkill for this truck. The axles themselves are solid and especially for a ride truck application, more than ample on durability, however being Brad, he liked the look and idea of the axle truss and stuck them on.  The last item of not is the plug. Stock, these axles come with a removable threaded plug. In order to mount the steering rams the external square needed to be eradicated. Instead of just sawing it off and calling it good, Metal welded them into place, and ground down the welds, so that the surface would be smooth to enable welding.

On Friday, the guys rolled the chassis underneath the lifted truck to get a feel for what it would look like. Not that we don’t already know, but as I have said in nearly every post, it is almost impossible to quantify the mass of the truck. It looks gargantuan sitting there like a half done truck, and it didn’t even have tires in place. That is also something I need to get done. We are ordering tires from overseas, but communication is a tad difficult between some slight language barriers, terminology, and time zones. I am close though, and my pictures with arrows have been incredibly helpful in bridging the gaps.

IMAG5191 IMAG5194

A surprise visit from the Marketing Director of a company we are in the works with negotiating a sponsorship deal stopped by and provided some delightful Friday evening, long week type refreshments. The clouds parted and angels sang. Maybe a little dramatic, but it’s always appreciated, plus it reminds you that the hard work you put into marketing and sponsorship might eventually pay off 🙂

Today is errands in Vegas day. It should be go play on the jet skis day, but alas, we still have to be productive. Can someone also explain to be why at 6 in the morning I am awake when I don’t have to be? Really?…..Really? Memo to self- dark windows for bedroom. Brad is lucky enough to wake up and be able to fall back asleep. Jerk. He wants to know why I am grouchy all the time? Umm maybe because he snores audibly enough to hear it outside, and maybe because his arm weighs a hundred pounds, and maybe because by the time I fall asleep he is awake to go. That might be why, but lets not jump to conclusions.

Errands are striking out, which means I should probably close out the post for the morning and help him located open shops. He is still under the impression that everything needs to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, because he needs it to be. Maybe it’s a guy thing? I dunno. For any mothers out there, if I don’t post tomorrow, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

Metal mixed up the facial hair, and I managed to get a pic not flipping me off!

Metal mixed up the facial hair, and I managed to get a pic not flipping me off!


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