Holy Crap, New Stuff is Happening!

Brad woke up at 6. For what reason, I have no idea, but it makes me hate him, which is not a fabulous way to start your day, and to top it out I was fresh out of bowls of sunshine for breakfast. Fortunately, for him, the welding wire was out, which meant a quick trip to Vegas, which included a morning breakfast at the usual. (Joker’s Wild) If anything would restart the day right, breakfast where our waiter (Roger) knows what we eat, how it’s cooked, and has it out to us about the time we actually make it to our table. Brad played the usual slot machine on the way in (9/10 it pays us). This time, it didn’t, but on the way out Metal scored 200 bucks on his second spin which was a total $4 investment. The day overall was looking up for everyone. We were going to need it, because today was the day to take the body off the frame, which was either going to be a success, or delightfully disastrous. No matter which was going to be exciting for me.

Including drive time, we made it back to AZ at 11am. Definitely a record, or I just reminded myself of just how early I actually got up. Dang you insomnia. (and Brad) GRRRRR. Prior to today, the guys had already set the lifts to be ready for the actual removal of the rolling frame.  All they had to do was loosen and take out the body mount bolts, which they made quick work of. Less than an hour later, I was getting pulled from my oh so comfy chair (dang) to the shop to witness the separation. The clouds parted and angels sang, or at least I think they did. It was tough to hear over the air compressor that had to be constantly running to enable them to use the lifts. About 6 minutes of working from the front set of lifts, then the back, back to the front, and again to the back, provided the clearance needed to roll out the chassis. Once they locked the lifts into place, Brad used the pallet jack on the rear axle to clear the tires over the lifts (the legs were right in the path) and they rolled the chassis out into the wind. From start to finish, it took more time to order the lifts, that our usage time was. He better find something else to use with them….

Starting to lift

Starting to lift




All Clear!

All Clear!

Lonely Frame

Lonely Frame

With the truck lifted up (it still isn’t sitting where it will when complete) really made the truck fill up some space. GINORMOUS and then some. Now it is time to get welding. Brad spent a good portion of the day welding the frame, which takes some time because of all the angles, directions, sheer size, and constant measuring to ensure that the frame isn’t twisting, or shrinking. I’ve always wondered how he got so tan, and now I know. His legs have some sweet burn lines on them right now, which I tried to get a picture of, but he said no like I was an idiot for even thinking it. Everyone would have laughed, but I lost sight of the purpose of this blog. It is about providing an educational experience combined with constant ranting and complaining. No humor. Silly me! So back to my serious blog. Hours of welding will burn you and while I’m not sure if it causes skin cancer (the article I read was semi-inconclusive) http://www.skincanceronly.com/Research/Welding.aspx it doesn’t look pleasant regardless. I have submitted my request to our safety team (aka anyone who will listen) to include sunscreen with the list of safety equipment that no one seems to use. With only 1/3- 1/2 of the truck being done, I think pants might be in order for tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow… Dave’s birthday (you saw him helping us stack tubing, and him and Naomi got the ambulances cleaned up for us and we have some special plans for him on the team in the near future.) is tomorrow. (hopefully you followed that excessively long detoured previous sentence) So in case I don’t see you Dave HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hopefully Naomi isn’t working and you can have a “big fun” day, and I guess if she is, you can come to the shop and have a “little fun” day to make do.

Happy Birthday Dave!

Happy Birthday Dave!

In other news….I had a website up, but I just took it down. The new and improved site (I didn’t love the other one) will be up by Wednesday. I would say tomorrow, but just in case, it gives me room for error. I will let y’all know when it’s functioning again. Lots of pictures from the race trucks, the team, and of course tons of super useful information about Hulk. Maybe I’ll do a trivia day and give away a prize shirt or something. I’ll ponder on that one. No stalking though. I have a hard enough time keeping the ladies off these guys, it’s just ridiculous. 🙂

Another day is done. I made it with minimal sarcasm, and we got a lot done. Tomorrow will be a mini update, but i will be doing a write-up of Arizona Last Stop so that you can see and learn more about where we are operating, what they do here, and see what is in store for the Sin City Hustler Monster Truck Ride! In the mean time, you can check out their website at www.ArizonaLastStop.com . We will talk about the details tomorrow! Until then…. Man I need to come up with a sign off phrase. Open to any ideas!

You stay classy 😉


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