4 lifts, and all before I am 30

So fire me. I’m suffering from computer overkill. It’s just not my thing. I would much prefer to be active instead of sit on my bum and only move my fingers. UGH. (when you read, please picture and overexaggerated exhale and me rolling my eyes) Brad actually offered to take my profile picture of me working on the computer. I guess that means I have been officially demoted to office chick. How demeaning. Its like having a multi-purpose Labrador retriever then ending up with a freaking Pomeranian. I’ve become a Pomeranian, minus the pampering, spoiling, and huge wardrobe. Suck. Sorry office people, I just miss getting dirty and feeling active.

Thanks NatGeo

Thanks NatGeo

Out where the big boys get to work and not sit all day staring at a screen, the chasis is really starting to look like a chassis. Both rails are tacked, and the cross bars are in the early phases of getting tacked. Problem is, we are still in need of about another 2 feet of 1 ¾ DOM which sucks, because the place we order from is out until next Thursday. Sad. Until it shows up (with the additional 200 ft of 1 ¼ DOM) there is plenty of other things to do.

Currently, we are driving to pick up the new lifts so we can pull the current running gear out from under the limo and get the new chassis underneath it. Each has a 3000lb capacity and will require some minor modifications to be utilized how we need them to (most people aren’t using them for limo monster trucks) but they will be ideal for mobility and functionality. Normally, we would just wait until they arrived, but after the fiasco with the bender, and Brad’s severe impatience, we are making the trek to North las Vegas to grab them. I’m not going to complain, because at least I am not just sitting in the trailer. I get to breathe fresh air and move my legs a little possibly even walking around the store.

Loading up at ABF

Loading up at ABF


Metal Assembling

Metal Assembling

Hulk's help

Hulk’s help

Setting the lift placement

Setting the lift placement

Ok. Fast forward. That was Friday, and my laptop died while we were driving and then I had to run back to Vegas for the restaurant, so no time for blogging. Even though Brad thinks it only takes 20 minutes it doesn’t. Not to mention that I don’t have Dragon Speak, so when I driving, working elsewise, or sleeping, it doesn’t not just transfer my ramblings into a coherent post.

As of right now, we have more metal on order to finish off the chassis bracing, on top of determining motor, transmission, transfer case, driveline, and rear hydraulic door/ladder placement. As far as the build itself, the guys are reporting that as far as fitment, tolerances, and angle alignment, the chassis could not have been built any more precise, even in a jig. All measurements have come together perfectly and dead on.


Added cross-bracing

Added cross-bracing

It is still difficult to look at it and articulate its enormity. The sheer size is overwhelming, It’s the Titanic of monster trucks (minus the huge deadly crash into an iceberg on its maiden voyage- we will just skip that disaster) The frame will be virtually indestructible with the amount of bracing and quality of fabrication.. Here are some quick stats:

1 foot of 2” .125 Wall DOM tubing is 2.503 lb/ft
Our DOM is actually .128 but I didn’t want to get into more math than I had to, so we will work with .125
The chassis right now is a total of 328’ 2” of tubing.
That ends up being 821.4 lbs of tubing
There are also a total of 99 pieces in the chassis
Only 4 of those didn’t have any notching
Total Number of notch angles cut: 195

Which all equals a lot of work, or at least sounds like it 😀

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I’m gonna go eat some chips and salsa!


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