Hello Sunshine and Phil

I know I said I was going to write a post yesterday, but the forces that be, didn’t allow that to come to fruitition. Honestly, I have zero motivation to write a post tonight, and I have stared at my first sentence for almost 20 minutes, but unfortunately if I don’t I will likely forget the events that transpired between the last post and the next.

Saturday held much of the same cutting and measuring as the days before. I can’t even count the number of turns on the notcher or the angle finder that have been completed. Once the tube is cut to the proper length to be fitted into the chassis rails, each piece requires 3 cuts to get the proper angling into the chassis. That might not seem like much, however it takes time to set each pipe and measure, and each cut has to be exact or else by the end, none of it will go together. Multiply that times 20, and you have a few days of work cut out for you.

We also had a a visit from Phil who made the drive from Vegas to come check out how the truck was coming along, see the shop, and look at an ambulance. His timing could not be more perfect! Desert heat is not to be trifled with, and it doesn’t take long to hit sweltering 115 degree days, which in the shop, would make hell look like a temperate climate. One wall heats up and essentially cooks the interior, including Brad and Metal, soooo..you can see where this is going. Phil owns Expert Air Conditioning and Heating in Vegas, and passed along some of his trade widsom to Brad, providing some very helpful thoughts on how to turn the shop from a sauna into a tolerable work environment. (I think the heat is great, and look how much trimmer we could all get…) He was also going to look into some swamp coolers for us, so hopefully before we have any strikes, deaths, or days where I just walk outside from slaving away on the computer to the jet skiis and two men missing, we can get it under control. It had been awhile since we had seen Phil and it was great visiting and catching up. If you are reading this blog and are in the Vegas area, give Phil a call for any A/C or heating needs! I will double check for a website, but you can reach their office at (702) 631-0444.

It was a  long week and the guys logged a lot of long days and hard hours, so a much deserved early retirement on Saturday and day off on Sunday.

Today kicked off with excitement. Phone calls, emails, and umm more phone calls. Sweet. Out in the shop, between the constant music trivia game Brad plays, they managed to get one side of the frame’s final tack welding completed. We set it upright to see how it looked, and for a moment we all stood, impressed. This thing is going to be so massive and pictures really don’t captivate the sheer volume of space it takes up. We also took profile pictures for the website (which is coming I promise) Included are a couple outtakes for you to enjoy. Perhaps you can see why it takes so long for me to get anything done. Tomorrow morning will be a quick Vegas trip to grab supplies and groceries, as well as an educational post day since NOTHING exciting will be happening. I’m sorry today’s post hasn’t super entralling, but my brain hurts from the aweseomeness of today, and possibly the 97 degree heat. Until tomorrow!


See what I deal with?

Mike's "Count" pose

Mike’s “Count” pose




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