Still working on Saturday…Overachievers

Our last two days have been pretty good. Productive, long, and not too hot, cold, or windy. A few dangling pieces have been resolved and now it’s the weekend. What I am going to be doing, just so y’all know, is to provide some additional information on tools, tricks, history, facts, etc, to mix things up a bit. Now, before you start to riot because you want to read about day to do day with ever growing enthusiasm, I am beginning to feel overly narcissitic. So take one for the team and enjoy the other stuff I am going to be including. (not today though, since I took a few off)

Quick updates on the going ons. The chassis is coming together. A few hiccups along the way with weight. See, on a regular chassis there are “stars” in the frame (see the picture below)



Our problem is with the overall size, using the DOM 2” tubing is sooooooooooooooo heavy that Brad and Metal (see I’m weaning you off from “Metal Mike”) figured either to use a smaller tubing, or change up the pattern. We can’t eliminate it obviously, because that would create structural calamity and given the overall size of this thing, and the added measure of passengers, we feel safety probably shouldn’t be compromised. I’m going to go ahead and agree with that.


With the chassis fabrication in place, the guys also went ahead and built a saw horse, which I thought was the makings of a jungle gym. Because of the length and again weight of the tubing during the bends, the current setup wasn’t capable of holding the weight and keep the metal steady. So now, we have serious overkill on a saw horse. I guess if we ever need to put 20,000 pounds on one, at least we are prepared.

I’m sure you are also wondering what the crap we are doing with 4 ambulances. Well, we figured we should probably be prepared. Between Metal and Brad, I’m sure we will need one eventually. Or heck in case of a snake bite! Actually, I’m  entirely sure what the plan is.. Two might be spoken for, one we might keep, and one might end up on Ebay. Either way, they will get cleaned up (Dave and Naomi were up to the task) I can tell you, there aren’t too many things more amusing than driving 3 ambulances down the road in street clothes. People are utterly confused. They aren’t sure if you are heading to fatality or if we just hijacked them from the station. It was a pretty entertaining drive home.

Yesterday, we also had the pleasure of having a potential sponsor come out for a visit and check out the shop and truck. It is always nice when people can see first hand what you are trying to explain. I can tell you measurements, and send you pictures, but until you can actually tangibly see it, there is no way to fully grasp it. I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting and we look forward to a possible future with this company.

What else?  Well I guess I never formally introduced any of us, but I did want to take a moment and let everyone know how much we have appreciated having Metal around. (notice the capital “M”) He has been so helpful and great to work with. For a long time I thought I was the only one who could put up with Brad all day, but apparently Metal has done it with more patience than most. Not that Brad is difficult at all, but just understand, he is always right and there is no other way, and he likes to try to be funny, which is sometimes successful, and sometimes just annoying. (He doesn’t read this blog, so I am safe to say that)  Mike has been able to survive, have input, and share ideas and thoughts with Brad, which has made this whole process much smoother and easier. At the end of the day, Brad usually lets me know how nice it is to have someone out there who is smart and can help him problem solve the infinite number of situations this project has and will continue to provide. I try not to be offended by that, in case he is insinuating something 😉 Of course, I just am thankful, I can get the super, awesome, FUN stuff done I need to, and not have to be in the shop and trying to run the web/phone/ordering/cooking/etc , not to mention that by the end of the day Brad has hashed out all the monster truck stuff I don’t want to listen to with Mike, so it leaves me with minimal “shop talk”. I don’t escape completely, but any alleviation is wonderful.

So Mike, if you ever read this, thank you. You are talented, amusing, and appreciated, and this build would not be where it is already without you.

Brad wanted me to write about other stuff today, but it was boring so I’ll incorporate it with something interesting, and I gotta finish our website so…. Maybe tomorrow, when I update you about today. Confusing enough?


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