Ah, it’s starting to look like a monster truck

Happy Admin Day to myself. I think I will buy something that has NOTHING to do with monster trucks, cars, boats, atvs, planes, trains, or remote controlled toys. I’m not sure what I am left with, but I’ll find something nice.

To give you a breather from my incessant whining about office duties and the newly implanted wireless earpiece that I actually fell asleep in yesterday, let’s delve into the shop happenings.

Another early start on a cold day (what the crap its supposed to be hot now). All the 4-link tabs and shock mounts are cut, ground, and drilled. As I said before we have sets for two trucks so double the work. Brad managed to make a pretty decent sized mess, which reminds me vaguely of being a kid and seeing how long I could make my pencil shavings go before they broke. The metal shavings cover the floor and manage to somehow end up in the laundry, the carpet, the truck, and everywhere else they shouldn’t be. I’m not entirely positive how, but lt happens, and it is painful. Nothing like toweling off after a refreshing shower to rub a sharp metal shaving across your body.  Delightful!

Shavings of death

Shavings of death

I know I showed a picture of this yesterday, but this one is further in the cut for a 90 degree angle

I know I showed a picture of this yesterday, but this one is further in the cut for a 90 degree angle

Support posts all notched and ready for placement

Support posts all notched and ready for placement

Complete pile of tabs and mounts

Complete pile of tabs and mounts

I stepped in this morning to help sort out some math. Metal Mike is well aware it is not his strongest suit, but fortunately none of this stuff is TOO complicated and my almost decade ago advance math classes actually became useful. Oh sad. I’m getting old.

After some negotiating about spacing on chassis stabilizing bars, we finally agreed that the gap between each needed to be 26”. Perfect. Metal chalked out the lines on the floor (for the 4th time today) and proceeded to place the bars in their proper increments. It’s starting to look like a real chassis frame.

Today was like Christmas, except Santa didn’t pay for any of it, which pretty much sucks. You just don’t realize how expensive this stuff is. Literally, I put it in my hand and stare, trying to determine how on earth this cost that much. Or better yet, when a  box the size of a cupcake  shows up containing a thousand dollars worth of something. Ludacris! But that is the way it goes. The special thick washers showed up, the grinding wheels, the magnetic angle holder for welding, and the new holesaws, which are about 10 times better than the one they were making do with.

Bulk Grinding Wheels

Bulk Grinding Wheels

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty

The remainder of the pieces of ribbing that go into the main rails were completed in their cuts on the notcher and fitted into the rails, where they were set and tack welded.  It might not look like much, but that is a lot of tubing my friends, and when they stood it up against the Excursion it really looks big.


More chassis building is on the to do list for tomorrow and I ordered lifts so we can pull the existing frame out from under the body and start getting that together. Additionally, it is picture day here and while I don’t have a cool stool with an adjustable background, the guys are getting their pictures done (by me) for their profiles on the website. I already drug them through the interviewing process, hoping to find some interesting tidbits that people might actually find amusing. (unlike “what is your favorite color?… boring)

Everyone feel free to ask whatever questions you want. I think I might have mentioned that before, but being in the industry you forget a lot of stuff that people “on the outside” don’t know. Be prepared for reality though, because I won’t give you a glamorous answer of fluff and bs, nope you will just get the low down. How it is and what it is.

The website is coming along and I am making progress, even in this awful internet black hole. Expect to see it live by Friday! WHAHOO!

Oh- AND….if anyone in our area needs or wants to get ride of some school busses, we need 2 for the track. Give us a call or shoot me an email. 253-666-3851 or bigtoyzracing@hotmail.com


It may look like Brad is getting to run a race, but they are chalking out lines for the "jig"

It may look like Brad is getting to run a race, but they are chalking out lines for the “jig”


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