Can someone explain to me how companies operate anymore? So Friday, the bender was supposed to be here- per the tracking on the internet. This is obviously now 3 weeks after the order, both having delays within the company, and with UPS. 3 different people told me it would be delivered Monday, which was already after it wasn’t actually delivered on Friday.

So the weekend cruises through, and should I have to wake up at 6 in the morning to call to see if my bender is actually going to be here today? Not so much, but thank goodness I did because we would have had to wait ANOTHER freakin day- at least. I guess people just deliver stuff if they can squeeze it in between their naps and snack time.

Brad and Metal Mike headed out to make the loop from Kingman to Lake Havasu. First stop? Transport company to pick up the bender. Of course I told Brad to inspect before signing, which he did not do, as well as “pretty please take pictures” which again…you guessed it. The freight shippers were ever so happy to have us pick up the unit, but of course they didn’t have to do anything aside from unload it from UPS and hold onto it for a couple days. So they got paid to do nothing. I wish that was my gig.

After a successful pickup of the bender/notcher/die, Brad and Metal made the voyage to Havasu to pick up a Craigslist find drill press. While that is COMPLETELY out of the ordinary for Brad (the man who has to have overkill on everything) I think he is seeing the large quantities of money going out and figured this one time it wouldn’t hurt to just get something that would do the job and function within the parameters needed. Shockingly, he bought it. I guess it is not so shocking, because realistically, he could have just drilled by smaller tools, but this is a big step for him, plus it will save a TON of time. A luxury deprived of us by the good people at the bender company and UPS.


Upon their return the unloading and assembling began. The good? Not many moving parts. The bad? No instructions worth a crap. It was Ikea, but with odder parts. Thank goodness for internet! I Googled up me some videos, which, although they didn’t show assembly or setup, they demonstrated operation, which was enough to get  it up and going- give or take. Before getting sucked in further I exited to go work on the website (which will be up this week, in theory)

Glasses for everything

Glasses for everything






When I returned from about an hour and a half of loading pictures and updating software, Brad and Metal were still in the shop playing around with the bender. One 90 degree bend was complete, but on the second bend the metal was attempting to twist. No bueno. Anyone who has built anything knows that one small off measurement, cut, bend, or unevenness, creates a huge problem later. It might start as a tiny hardly noticeable twist, but when you assemble, it will be a foot or so off by the end of the tube. And there is no He-Manning that into place.

Adjusting a few things on the bender itself, seemed to help, but it looked like some “as you go” adjustments might be needed. Nice equipment, but little stuff like that sure takes up some time. At least forward movement is in effect, and we can start getting into the physical parts of the build!


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