The Pace is Picking Up!

Again, sorry to everyone for the lapse in days. We have had Brad’s sister Jenel, her other half Mike, and their two girls (Gemma and Shawnee) here and of course, we are taking advantage of that. So between finishing the move from camper to toyhauler, spending more time on the strip than we have the entire time we lived here, and running around buying junk that we think we need, here is a nice little update on the shop happenings.

On Monday the bender, die, and notcher shipped thank goodness. It took several calls to figure that out, but I was provided with a tracking number and was satisfied with that. After ending my calls I immediately called FedEx to track the package. No info on this number. Great. They probably didn’t ship it and just gave me a number that wasn’t in the system yet so I would quit bugging them. Getting no where, the representative lets me know that I should try again in a day or two, as the shipment might just not be updated yet. Plausible? Yes. Satisfactory? Not so much. More waiting for some REAL confirmation.

Most of the early afternoon was spent re-organizing, yet again, and I hustled through my phone calls, emails, and general electronic muck. We did a walk around to make an insanely long list of stuff to get while we were in Vegas for the next few days. Most people when they run errands don’t ever get the opportunity to purchase flat bar steel and try to stack it next to their milk and eggs. A sampling of our list:

2 TV’s (1 front 1 for back)

gummy bears (12 flavor kind)

A dozen racing seats

A dozen eggs


20′ of flat steel bar 3/8th thick and 5″ wide

10′ of flat steel bar 3/8th” thick and 4″ wide

25″x 43″ wheels


Hot Dog Buns

Kool-Aid Squeez-its

4 black ink cartridges (high capacity)

etc. etc.

See? All the essentials!

Unfortunately, Wal-mart neither carries or special orders half of those items, so our running around takes us to every corner of Vegas, and is both exhausting and frustrating.  It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it 😉

Into Vegas we went, list in hand, heading to dinner with the fam- TEXAS DE BRAZIL!!! Woot Woot! This place is not for non-carnivores, but if you ever want to break up with your vegetarian girlfriend, it would be an ideal location. Meat on sticks that is delicious can’t be beat. AND they bring it right to your plate. It’s like a lazy buffet of flesh. NOM NOM!

One score (aside from the mouth-watering meal) Monday, was locating and securing purchase on 8 of our 12 needed seats. Are you as shocked as I am that only 12 seats will fit in this ginormous machine? It seems like from the factory they seat 8. So 12 plus driver equals baker’s dozen. I’m glad no one is hiring our engineering team for creating a space efficient vehicle. So anyway, we got the custom Butler seat already from Brad’s race truck (that it never made in before we sold them) for the driver, and 2/3’s of our seats!

Tuesday: ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL DAY was spent zipping in and out of stores. Electronics first. Priorities right? Gotta have a TV ASAP. 3 stores later, found a super nice 40″ which was about 8″ past the size of the hole it is going in, but hey, a good deal is a good deal, and dang it, we will make it work. Hopefully the fabrication process for that is a little simpler than the current project.

We picked up and squeezed our seats into the van and hurried out to Arizona.


Wednesday: Family time. Errands. More calls. Still no entry in the FedEx books for our shipment. I had to figure this out. There was no way that I was about to let this shipment eek through yet another week without arriving. Instead of calling (since I had already hounded them enough) I responded back to my rant email to customer service. The kindly replied that UPS said it would be there Friday. Wonderful. FedEx never corrected me, and I was initially told it was shipped FedEx. 3 minutes later, I saw for myself that the bender was indeed on-line for a Friday delivery! Finally. The guys can actually do something, and I can quit writing about how much office work sucks.

All clean

Office isn’t so bad now! Less complaints on this end!

Thursday. I was gone most of the day, however the guys managed to actually get something accomplished. This is second-hand information, so my apologies for the semi-vague information, but if you have ever talked to Brad, he is not big on explaining details. He is very detail oriented and picky, but not when it comes to conveying. First they mocked up the axle (ps-115) housing underneath our Patrick race chassis. They got all the 4 link mount tabs cut for the front and rear end. Patterns were drawn on carboard and traced onto the 3/8ths flat bar steel. Plasma cutting ensued and the finish and fitment was completed to make each tab uniform, which allows easy welding and alignment when they come into play. So now we have a nice pile of ready to go 4-link tabs… for 2 trucks.  It might not look like much, and these guys are efficient when they want to be, but even with good equipment and skills, from start to finish those 5 inch tabs are almost a day’s work.

While it might look like a Christmas ornament, this is actually a ...

While it might look like a Christmas ornament, this is actually a plumb bob. It makes it so you can find your center (in a non-yoga way)

Checking mounts for fitment

Checking mounts for fitment

Cutting patterns with plasma cutter

Cutting patterns with plasma cutter

Grinding tabs to make uniform and smooth

Grinding tabs to make uniform and smooth

I leave them for 1 day.... and this is what gets done. Not a bad picture if you ask me

I leave them for 1 day…. and this is what gets done. Not a bad picture if you ask me



I’m informed that they also were able to complete the pattern for the bottom shock mounts, which will be shortly behind in their fabrication. Wow and I thought they already had done so much. The surprises keep on coming. What’s next? The bender ge
And finally to today.

Well the camper was picked up. She was good to us, but no space for keeping it. Today is the last day with the family so we are heading out to Oatman to eat double scooped ice cream, feed donkeys, and purchase useless trinkets. As of 5 minutes ago the bender still has not arrived, and I’m starting to worry a bit. Still a few hours left in the day. Ink made it once we left via UPS (not freight) so more brochures to follow. Also, stay tuned. I am hustling to get our original site back up, and incorporate the race trucks into the ride truck. This week should be more productive and interesting, and because the information will be first hand, I can possibly explain it better than was provided to me. Thanks everyone!

UPDATE: Since I didn’t get this posted last night when I wrote it, the good news is UPS did not delivery the bender. They lied. So here we are, yet another  weekend without it. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! Apparently 20 calls to babysit a package just wasn’t enough. STUPID STUPID STUPID.

Brad and the girls. Shawnee (the poser) and Gemma. It was great to have them.

Brad and the girls. Shawnee (the poser) and Gemma. It was great to have them.


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