A plethora of days- you didn’t miss too much

You know what is really awesome? When you spend an hour typing and then the battery falls out of your laptop and it deletes your entire writing. That is what I consider the perfect start to a day. So I’m sorry for my slacking on the blog the past few days. Ground me.

Thursday: I couldn’t handle another day of ranting to you guys, because that is all the material I had for Thursday. The new office and living quarters that we were supposed to be pick up got pushed back ANOTHER day. That might seem trivial to you, but I am about to go all Wreck-It Ralph  on this camper. (I’m so glad to have another demolition character to reference aside from Hulk and Donkey Kong) I’m smothered, the fridge is too small, and I can’t kick Brad out to watch TV while I am trying to concentrate. Not that I can’t focus while he watches Duck Dynasty or Family Feud, but sometimes, just sometimes, I can’t.

After it was determined that we would not be moving that day, we figured we would go ahead and do our Vegas errands, and save time. It seemed like such an efficient idea. Bank – first stop. I’m going to let you in on a secret. Banks don’t have money. We were told we had to order cash and that it wouldn’t be there until TUESDAY. Umm really? I’m sorry, I thought I was at a bank.  Apparently they carry more stock of Dum Dum suckers and dog treats than they do cash. Strike 1.

Off to the car cleaner store. You can’t beat their deals on Meguiars products and our bulk cleaner refills. But you know what else you can’t beat? The traffic from the bank to their store, which we missed their closing by 19 minutes. Closed. Strike 2

Hmm what else can we fail at today? I was thinking trying to get into a “tie required” restaurant on the strip, and then we could just get it over with. Instead we hit the grocery stores, which was also a frustrating mess, as usual. I believe I  suffer from short-term memory loss. I always get excited to go to Vegas. I’m a closet compulsive grocery shopper, but for some reason every time I get there, ah, I leave telling myself that I won’t fall for that trick again, but stupidly enough, there I am again next week. By now, I should have some type of negative Pavlovian response, but I guess my inner triggers are broken, or maybe it doesn’t work without drool. I hope I don’t start drooling to when I go shopping. That might be awkward.

Home, back to the camper. Did this bed get smaller? Can’t wait until 11. If only I could learn to sleep in.

Friday: Today would be the day that things would fall into place (cross your fingers) Only a few hours until we got our new space, metal should be delivered today, and general awesomeness should occur. The phone rings and we get to make a last-minute run for “fresh, never frozen 100% beef patties” for the restaurant. Oy Vey!. Really? We literally can’t make it back in time for our appointment and if that means I have to wait until Monday to get my new unit, there might be some missing persons around here.

At 11:24 we pull in to the fire station, which fortunately is still available for our transaction to be completed. A whopping 12 minutes later, we were hooked up, and out the driveway. It was filthy, but it has space.

32 feet of awesomeness

32 feet of awesomeness

A quick stop into B&B restaurant, accidentally leaving my phone in the car. Apparently, the metal delivery guy showed up while we were eating lunch and fortunately Brad had his phone on him to take the call from the restaurant about a delivery. Go figure. We leave for an hour and look what happens. Brad lets them know the driver can unload it or go in for lunch and we would be right there. I guess he didn’t want to wait, because as we pulled in a nice pile of 400ish feet of DOM tubing was piled all sad and lonely in the middle of the parking area, getting painfully hot in the desert sun. (again one of those wonderful moments I was glad I had a different function aside from grabbing hot metal) Just after that UPS showed up and delivered the motor cradle dolly. WOW. Look at that!  3 freakin things happening in one day. If only our illusive bender could just get here. ARGH. Do you think pirate sounds suit me? It seems odd to transfer over from Yiddish  Oy Vey to pirate Argh. Yiddish pirate maybe? Anyway. Metal Mike was left to move hot as heck tubing, while Brad found ways to not to. I immediately dug into the new space.

Whittled down pile of nearly molten metal. Poor Mike

Whittled down pile of nearly molten metal. Poor Mike

Let’s just say disgusting doesn’t cover it. The fridge had sour dry milk in the bottom, the freezer had meat liquid crustified in it. Nothing was pretty, and I was in deep. But you don’t want to hear about cleaning! We are building a monster truck dang it. To be fair, this is allllllllll part of the process, and even the insanely tedious office work that I got delegated to cover is important. Trust me, I would rather spend my day filthy, moving around and working on the truck, not making phone calls and writing emails. Unfortunately, Brad still won’t learn how to even get into his email. (Sneaky trick if you ask me)

Metal Mike finished cleaning up the axles, and I must say they are looking pretty darn sharp. Of course they are still a lovely rust color, but all the petrified grease, dirt, and unknown products all were chipped away between the metal brush wheel and the needle scaler.

Grinding away

Grinding away

All clean!

All clean!


Other than that, the focus was mostly on getting the trailer ready for use, with the guys ripping the odd plywood that was screwed and glued down out, getting rid of the carpet (because who wants carpet when you have a dog) and helping the general functionality of our camper. At least by the time this thing is cleaned and ready, and we get the rest of our stuff in line, the bender will be here and they guys can REALLY get going.

Saturday: I woke. I cleaned. I moved. It’s staggering how much stuff you can pack into a truck bed camper. I’m not sure what they guys did, aside from complain about stuff not showing up. (they are sure getting antsy to get rolling). I think they put together a plan to get the body of the current frame under the truck, so that will be on the agenda first thing Monday morning .

Hulk enjoying what he thinks is his new bunk. Note the glued floor. nice

Hulk enjoying what he thinks is his new bunk. Note the glued floor. nice

Sunday:” Business” breakfast meeting at B&B. The guys yammered about the floor lift plans and I tuned them out to start on this post. Unfortunately when I was trying to show Metal Mike the stands Brad wanted to use, the battery came out, and the computer deleted all my wit and charm, so you instead got stuck with this skeleton writing lacking personality. Sorry for today.(and the previous 3 days)  Better luck tomorrow. It was nice, and the in-laws were in town so we hit the river and rode the jet skis. Nothing more hilarious than watching the face of a 4-year-old take a wave straight on, nearly drowning her, and smile wanting more . Or the 7-year-old wanted to have the throttle 100% the whole time. It was a good day. Back to real work tomorrow! Bender shipping!!!!!!!!!!! (just wait until my midweek post that complains about it being on backorder. That is our luck) Better posts to come. Just hang in there!

Business Breakfast

Business Breakfast



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