So close, but so far

With all the action happening here, you might find it hard to believe that there isn’t much to update. Granted, the day is still young, so I’m sure something, anything will happen. Today, my attempts at a mid day post originate from the simple fact that blogging is cheaper than shopping, and when you need a break from people telling you no, some type of therapy is needed. Exercise would be the preferred method, but it is just too dang windy for a jog. I’ll make myself a green smoothie to compensate for that.To the updates. Well 1- I have come to terms that I am not born a salesperson. I am not pushy and can’t make myself be. Maybe that’s the Libra in me…..yes, lets blame the Libra. Everyone else uses their horoscope as a blanket excuse for behavioral patterns. So Libras and sponsorships are not a good combo. The worst part about it is, that I have great ideas. I make fabulous looking proposals. I am extremely friendly and comfortable talking to people. Secretly, I think I am traumatized from my short stint working at Radio Shack when I was 17. Every time you had a customer you HAD to offer them overpriced batteries AND ask them about the cell phone company they were with. I didn’t want to sell crappy batteries or push for phones. It had nothing to do with being lazy, but merely that if they wanted our batteries, I think they would have bought some or asked for one-off the GINORMOUS pile right in front of them. It’s not like they could have forgotten! Most times people know what they want, and if they don’t they ask. Sponsorships are a slow trickle in, and I shouldn’t be so negative, because we have lots of great “in the works” companies, but man oh man is rough!

Update 2- Our bender ship date has been pushed back AGAIN to “hopefully” shipping out Monday! REALLY???? So not happy about this. Not one bit. Of course it is frustrating because the bender is the next piece to the puzzle to get moving, so the guys are biding time doing who knows what? WHICH, creates the bigger problem of how swamped and busy I am while they play rock, paper, scissor in the shop. Yes, I’m bitter 😉

Update 3- We get the new office/living space tomorrow!!! I can’t believe it. All rainbows and unicorns from here on out! The feng shui in this space is really getting to me. Lets also throw that into my sales skills excuses. So tomorrow I will get to make some phone calls and then MOVE! WHAHOOOOOOOOOO!

Update 4- Yesterday we checked out a motor in Vegas. Probably a bit of overkill, but come on now…its a monster truck, which I think if you look up in old Websters defines it as overkill. Sounded great. Scared the crap out of the school for geniuses next door. I’m sure the parents who pay obscene amounts of tuition to enroll their children appreciate being next to a motor builder. HA! When we actually come to an arrangement on this motor, I will get all the details on here.

Update 5- Today we calculated more parts costs. I know I said all rainbows and unicorns, but MAN OH MAN are parts expensive. I had almost forgot how much everything is. Tomorrow: Order shocks, transfer case, wheels and tires to the tune of about 15k. I guess it’s a good thing we get to eat World Famous Burgers for free (Arizona Last Stop)

Update 6: Metal (Mike) was drawing up some plans for the chassis build. I asked him to do it in crayon so I could hang it on the fridge, but he wanted something that looked official. Yes, well the engineers here would like a permit with those plans too 😉 When you are finished can I grab the salmon out of your official drafting table freezer. K I shouldn’t come down on him too much, I was just really disappointed that I couldn’t share some of their napkin artwork design for the custom door loading ramp.

Chassis drafting

Chassis drafting

It is even real graph paper

It is even real graph paper

So another day of nothing too exciting. Hopefully, we can get some real work going so that you can start to see the build. Not to say that things are getting done. Piddly, yet important things like measuring the radiator, figuring out which direction the transfer case needs to spin, and other similar scenarios. I promise we will get to building as soon as this bender gets to our front door!

ALSO- Please feel free to post any questions you might have, or email anything. I am trying to do this blog so it works for most people- mechanically inclined, declined, kids, adults. The idea is to be informative and entertaining but not go well above everyone’s heads by being too technical all the time, but also not just creating a blog about my day-to-day rants and what we ate for lunch. (which I KNOW you all really really care about)


There might be a bolt or two missing...but you might be able to find them in the morning

There might be a bolt or two missing…but you might be able to find them in the morning

Front fiberglass clip will fit perfectly

Front fiberglass clip will fit perfectly




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