Really? Monday?

Monday Face

This is how my day was

If you ever feel like your ego is too big, or life is too good, try to get some sponsorships. That will take you down several pegs and possibly render to you crying. Sponsorships is one of those things that is necessary and beneficial, but bridging the gap over unknown territory is very difficult. Companies do not like to part with their money or products unless they feel like they are getting a television show out of it. That might be a little dramatic, but it seems to be the general response. I love marketing in general, however sponsorship proposals and cold calling are just a whole other beast. It takes tough skin to pour your heart and soul into researching the details of a company, down to an almost stalkerish approach of knowing that the person you are talking do loves skydiving, only for them to give a 3 word response to your 100% customized proposal that took you 1 day do design and 3 days to research. I won’t pretend that monster trucks are the best for any company. It would be foolish to make such a claim, however if you are a company that sells aftermarket custom truck fabrication parts, installs lift kits, etc, please give me something better than “I don’t see the connection” I know my marketing is better than that. OY VEY!

Today has been useless. Wind advisory all day. Rain. Freezing. No bender, because apparently the “shipping the next day” claim really is just for looks. Baileighs will ship it when they get around to it I guess. Thank goodness that we have all the time in the world to get this done…. So not much productivity in the shop. I guess we can keep staring at the accumulating pile of metal and possibly work on our telekinesis to bend it. I’m getting good, but not sure if I can handle exact angle measurements. No redeeming moments of glory in my office. No useful responses to my complaints on orders. I should have quit 6 cookies ago and just left the computer, but I am really trying to utilize my new headset for my phone so that I can talk with my hands while making my pitches. Some days you win, some days you lose, and some days are just a flat-out waste. That would be today. I would like to have a pizza delivered, put my pjs on, and watch something entertaining. Oh wait That’s right.. No one delivers pizza here. Happy Monday.

Super windy. It's small but you can see the sign waving int he back

Super windy.  It was clear blue earlier


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