A Weekend Adventure!

I knew I could draw you in with my captivating title! On the contrary…

When you don’t work a 9-5 job, and your hours put in are “as needed” or “as you feel like it” weekends just don’t hold the same stigma. Mikey, I mean Metal Mike (not for future posts Mike is now Metal for short) took the days “off” but still spent Saturday with us running errands in good old Vegas. We also had new company. Melissa, who manages the facility up front was suffering from cabin fever and needed a break. I will greatfully take any woman anywhere! When you live with only a guy, see only guys, and are submersed in a guys world….you appreciate a little feminine conversation! And, she’s pretty much my age, so super bonus!

After a breakfast at B&B in Dolan Springs, we popped next door to the fire station to check in on our new living space. You can’t even begin to imagine the excitement that is building over moving into more this unit. No more tripping on the dog, or climbing into bed! Up on the hill in the liquidation pile was a bunch of ambulances and an old Seagraves firetruck. Brad was all over the ambulances, but me, the fire truck was up my alley. When I was 15 I wanted my first car to be a semi, and was utterly disappointed that I couldn’t get a CDL to drive one. (and something about impractical and fuel. Whatever) So a fire truck grocery getter would be awesome! After thoroughly inspecting the ambulances Brad’s more practical reasoning figured the fire truck would work for a water truck conversion to keep the track less dusty for rides. (For someone who is a clean freak when it comes to vehicles, I’m surprised he liked the black design….)

Breakfast…check. Ambulance and fire truck liquidation inspection….check. Now to Vegas to get the money orders for payment (because the government doesn’t take cash) and a few errands.

It would be awesome to put a hot tub in the back!

It would be awesome to put a hot tub in the back!

Notes to anyone: Wal-Mart on Saturday is bad. Produce that doesn’t sit in AC for several hours in the heat, also bad.. Listen to logic, groceries get picked up last, parts and gloves can be first. Oh well, the “shop” food I secretly bought for the guys might have melted, but they won’t ever know. Enough cheese, ranch, or hot sauces fixes anything that doesn’t required forks or spoons. At least now when they are whining about wanting something  to eat, that isn’t an actual meal, I have options. I ask every time we are in the store if anyone wants snacks (aka taquitos, chips, pizza pickets, etc) and every time, no. BUT the next day this exact dialogue takes place:

“Are you guys hungry?”

“Yeah, you got any chips or corn dogs?”



“Umm really?”

I roll my eyes and make chicken bacon ranch quesadillas from scratch,  Now. They can just eat frozen junk foods that don’t require effort on my end. Sometimes you just don’t ask and just do it.

Not much else exciting this weekend. Brad and I spent some of Sunday starting to separate the frame from the body on the Excursion. Then we moved all the parts out of the shop into the storage container so we could utilitze all the space possible (that dang thing takes up too much space) Just as the sun was beginning to set, we headed out to the Colorado River with Hulk in tow, to test and run the Jet skis for a bit, getting them ready for the hot season ahead! (work can be overrated at 120 degrees)


This will all get completely cut off to put the fiberglass clip on

Tomorrow’s Forecast? Sunny, hot, and hopefully our bender! Keep your fingers crossed that I can get my hands on one of the super artistic and accurate engineering designs they guys have drawn. It’s a good thing I know Brad possessed the skills to do incredible work and innovative adjustments to make this Excursion the best it can be, because I think most kindergarteners possess more artistic talent than these two. But they are a good team, and until I can be out there too, I guess they can handle it 😉

Driving away from the river

Driving away from the river


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