Monster Truck Parts are Gross

Well, today wasn’t the most eventful day. A little bit of rearranging the shop. A tad of cleaning. Some mess-making. You know? The stuff you do while you wait for parts and metal to show up.

This morning Brad and Mike figured out a “situation” in order to work on the axles and be able to move them around easily. For those of you not familiar with these parts 1 complete Rockwell Ps115 weighs roughly 1300 lbs, which is definitely more than those two can pick up. With a little creative ingenuity, the axles were hoisted carefully up onto a trailer frame, where they were at a nice height to work on and could be rolled from place to place. For a bit more information on these axles, they came off of old military 4 wheel drive forklifts. They have a lower gear ratio than similar axles at a 4.3:1. We used them in both trucks, and never had any issues. Definitely our axle of choice for this new project!

Next on the agenda was to tear them apart. Firstly, to go through and lighten the axles by removing the unneccessary braking system that was in place. Shave off whatever weight possible! I wish I could just remove parts to shed 50 lbs. 😉 An inspection was conducted to ensure all parts and components were in good working order, which thankfully they were. These axles are very difficult to come by, and if anyone reading this ever comes across any, please let me know. I will buy them. After a thorough look over, it was time to clean. Most people have never seen the inside of a monster truck (or military forklift) axle. They are disgusting. Grease and lubricant from probably the mid to late 60’s that has been encased until today. Honestly? It looked like they ate some bad Indian food. Good thing there was lots of cardboard around. Back when we raced I hated changing inner axles because somehow I always managed to cover myself with grease. Today, it was all on the boys. I’m still banned to the inside making calls, and sending out sponsorship proposals.

Mid day, Brad had to head into the city to try to get some parts. One major inconvenience to living out here is that the closest parts store is 45 minutes away, which isn’t a huge deal, unless you are in a hurry. Even then, you normally have to go to 5 different places just to find what you need.  We have gotten pretty good at teaming up on these missions. Brad leaves, gets mad, then calls me to locate what he is looking for. Today it was solvent, which apparently is now on the list of 7 deadly sins. I’m all for environmentally friendly products, but we have yet to find a water or soy based product that works even remotely as well as the stuff that the EPA is really trying to shut down. I will buy some organic, free trade coffee or something to balance the negative karma, and maybe throw in a hail Mary or 2. Jugs of solvent used to be inexpensive and easy to find. Today, the only location that sold it wanted 170 bucks. OUCH. No thank you.

Solventless (and BBQ-less, since the takeout didn’t pan out…) Brad returned in time to spend the remainder of the evening trying to get the sparrows out of the shop. They have nested in the insulation and make HUGE messes on everything. The dust from the tour busses and wind is bad enough, but nothing like the nests that fall onto vehicles and the eggs and baby birds that litter the floor. Hulk doesn’t pay attention and anything that looks out-of-place on the floor he tries to eat, and I’m not a fan of pulling animals out of his mouth.

The good news is that our metal should be arriving tomorrow (possibly Saturday) whahoo! So then the real work begins! Bender shouldn’t be too far behind.

On the more uneventful side of things, my day indoors (which is awful because its high 80’s outside and I hate sitting a lot anyway) what spent following up leads, printing custom envelopes, writing proposals, and researching companies. It’s alright for the first couple hours of the day, but after that I feel like a crazy person. Sitting for so long just isn’t natural. UGH! Well hopefully tomorrow I land a million dollar sponsor and then I can quit and work outside!


I told you the grease looked like….well use your imagination


Beat it with something heavy. That usually works. And if not, then you break it and get a new one. Win-Win


What they look like just after you open them up

Dumping out the grease

Dumping out the grease

Some of the inner components of the axles

Some of the inner components of the axles


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