They don’t make it. No, just because you asked doesn’t mean it will change

You can't even see whats on the table!

You can’t even see whats on the table!

OY VEY! Yesterday was a mad rush of phone calls and general frustrations. Anyone who has fabricated a one of a kind project knows that sometime there just aren’t the parts or tools you want. Not because they are expensive, or because they aren’t in stock, but heck they might just not exist- period. And just because you want them, and have to have them, doesn’t mean they are going to magically appear. Even if ask with a please and put cherries on top.

Yesterday was a prime example of just how annoying it can be. Brad wanted DOM tubing, but not just the industry standard random length cut, he wanted 3″ .120 wall MINIMUM 30′ length pieces. I called close. I called further. I called to the nether reaches of the US, and if I spoke Chinese I would have called there . No one can make or manufacture DOM tubing in those sizes, at least not that anyone in the industry knows of. Crap! Now what? Not only were we seeking the unicorn of metal fabrication, but the quantities of tubing we needed were just not what most places had in stock. This truck is going to be utilizing over 900 feet of tubing!!! That is just insane. 3 zillion phone calls, quotes, and exciting conversations later, I found a great company in So Cal (see we are so trendy here) that had the amended version of our needs, in stock, and at a price that whooped the crap out of its competitors. AND it was only a 2-3 day trip from there to here! Woot Woot! Oh yeah. Monster truck chassis startup by the end of the week! Can’t wait. I’ll post pictures of the metal when it comes in.

As for today? Well the guys are ambling about the shop while I work on sponsors and marketing! I’ll sneak out there soon enough and check out the action and hopefully grab a few shots!


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