Undertaking for Overachievers- Big Just Isn’t Enough


It’s not every day you dream up to build a monster truck, and if you are one of those select few, it’s even more insane to build one bigger. Welcome to the Sin City Hustler Monster Truck Experience Build Blog, home of the overachievers and land where big just isn’t big enough. No, we aren’t in Texas. The build is coming together at Arizona Last Stop. Known for its World Famous burger, eclectic artwork, and Powerball sales, it’s the perfect location, just outside of Vegas to create this larger than life machine. We have 26 acres of prime highway front where this bad boy will have a custom kick-butt track complete with cars, busses, and canyons. It’s gonna be SWEET!

Throughout the course of this build, you will get to know us, the game plan, the details behind building, marketing, and all the other avenues that you would never associate with monster trucks. Now, this isn’t a competition race truck with a blown alcohol motor, but we DON’T skimp. When we have an idea, we don’t cut corners. This monster truck ride will have the big 20″ nitrogen shocks, rear steer, 66″ tires, and a full custom-built tube chassis. I will try my hardest to keep this updated daily with pictures and details, with possibly a few days off so you don’t get too bored, and I promise not to be annoying repetitive writing or cheese-ball humor. At least I will try to keep it to a minimum.

As you can see, there is a countdown on the site of July 1, 2013. That is 3 months as of 1 more hour from now. We have 900 feet of tubing to bend, a 32′ vehicle to wrap, interior to design and install. audio, sensors, and all the other components to get this truck to its full glory. That’s a lot of work in 3 months! Not to mention the action going down outside the shop such as sponsors, marketing/advertising/promotions, ordering, and generally keeping the project together.

So far, we have a body. A rough artwork rendering. A body shell. And a plan. Hours of time both in and out of the shop lies ahead. There won’t be much down time (although I am sure we will find ourselves on the river quite often). I got a few posts to catch up on, but again – Welcome to the Insanity! Looking forward to how this truck unfolds!


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